Math Problem? No Problem.

Scholly Math is an easy to use, AI-powered math solver that instantly interprets and solves any type of math problem.

Step 1. Snap a photo

Scan a printed or handwritten problem using your mobile device’s camera.

Step 2. Solve

Receive a clear, step-by-step explanation for solving the problem within moments.

Step 3. Succeed and repeat

Repeat for as many problems as you need to solve!

Immediate success, long-term improvement

Scholly Math doesn’t just give you the answer like the back of the textbook—it helps you take your math comprehension and test scores to the next level.

Our AI-powered math solver walks you through the solving process, so you’ll actually understand why the answer is right.

Use this app anywhere, on the go, without seeking out a teacher’s help or losing time down the Google rabbit hole searching for answers.

The best part is that you’ll be able to solve future problems more quickly and with greater ease on your own, whether on your homework or an exam!

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