We believe in making the scholarship search process as simple as possible.

Scholly is an easy way to find scholarships for high school seniors, current undergraduates, and graduate students. Designed to ease the scholarship search process, Scholly’s adaptive matching engine promises to deliver smarter, targeted lists of scholarships. Scholly seeks to fix the current outdated process that requires students to fill out long, tiresome forms and then fail to deliver relevant results. 

We are very different from other scholarship searches.

Scholly gives students a list of scholarships curated by the Million Dollar Scholar himself. We don’t waste students' time with random scholarships that they do not qualify for nor do we give them a list of things that are not even scholarships like loans, internships, and advertisements. Deadlines are updated as soon as they are available and scholarships that no longer exist will be removed from our database. Scholly’s goal is to make the scholarship search process as simple as possible.

Our database is managed and updated.

Our database is updated on a monthly basis. On the Matches screen, users will be able to see if a deadline has passed. As soon as the deadline for the following year is available, the scholarship will be updated. If a scholarship remains inactive for a long period of time, it will be removed from our database.

Scholarship organizations generally re open their application process in late spring, summer, or early fall. Once a scholarship deadline has passed, check Scholly again during those times to see if the scholarship has reopened its application process.

Yes, you can apply for scholarships while you are in college.

We want to stress that Scholly is for high school students, current college students, and graduate students. Many students are under the impression that once they are in college; they can no longer apply for scholarships. This is not the case. You will notice that we have three choices on our Grade parameter called High School Seniors, Current Undergraduate, and Graduate Student. Choose the one that is applicable to you.

I’m in highschool but I’m not a senior yet.

Not a problem. Use Scholly to find scholarships and get started early. Most scholarships are annual and the application processes generally remain the same. Find scholarships you like, and be ready to apply for them when you are a high school senior.

I don’t want to write all those essays.

Guess what? You don’t. Well, sort of. The truth is, most scholarship essay prompts are the same. Most of them are about leadership, community service, goals, and your best or worst subject. Write a couple of essays then revise them to fit different scholarships.

Can I apply for scholarships on Scholly?

Not yet. We are working on it though. Right now we are focused on giving users like you the ability to find scholarships in an easy way. Any questions? Shoot us a message!

Have more questions or want to suggest something for this page? Email us at: info@MyScholly.com