Make a profound difference in someone’s life.

Give Scholly is Scholly’s membership sponsorship program that enables you to distribute free access to Scholly, giving your students access to all three tools in the Scholly Platform: Scholly Math, Scholly Editor, and Scholly Search.

Step 1.  Promote and distribute

First, you’ll want to share this promotion with your students.

We can work with you to determine the best channel for doing this, and help optimize your communication. The most common route is an email with a link that auto-fills your code on a co-branded registration page.

Step 2. Register, join, and use!

When students click the “Sign Up Now” button in your email, they’ll be taken to your co-branded microsite for Scholly registration, which will be viewable on both web and mobile browsers. Users will be requested to register for an account using their email and password.

Students can also use join codes to register for Scholly. Join codes can only be registered via the web or mobile Safari, not via the Scholly mobile app.

Students can then access the entire Scholly platform via the web or mobile devices.  

Step 3. Track the impact

Scholly will track registration and usage details, and report back to you in a simple and meaningful format, quantifying the impact you’ve made on the students you’ve gifted the app.


Anyone can give Scholly.

In addition to schools and organizations, Scholly also makes a great gift for parents, coaches, tutors, mentors (and more!) who want to make an impact on a student’s life.

When you give Scholly, you’re not just helping make college more affordable, you’re making someone’s entire academic journey more successful. Scholly provides students all the tools to succeed academically along their path to graduation and beyond.

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