Scholarship Scams And How to Avoid Them

With over 300,000 people in America googling 'scholarships' every year, the demand for scholarships is high - and so is the risk of falling victim to a scholarship scam. With "opportunity for all" being our mantra, we want to make sure students are protected. These are our go-to's for sussing out the real opportunities.

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Writing College Essays: Five Myths You Need to Know

The college application process is stressful. From deciding on your dream school, prepping for the SAT or ACT, to finishing all those applications, the task can feel near impossible. It's not - and neither is writing a college essay that works. To help our college-bound high school seniors, let's debunk some myths surrounding writing a persuasive college essay.

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How to Get More Scholarship Matches on Scholly

Student life moves fast. You're getting that degree, exploring your interests, joining new organizations, working part-time, volunteering, and crossing things off of your bucket list. But while you're maintaining your busy schedule, you may be leaving money on the table - literally.

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Meet the New Scholly Editor

Your New Favorite Back to School Tool

You’re not the only one with a fresh look this back-to-school season. If you haven’t peeped Scholly Editor lately you’ll definitely want to. We’ve redesigned our online proofreader to make editing your writing style and grammar even easier. Whether you’re working on a scholarship essay, polishing a homework assignment, or double-checking an important email, Editor is for you.

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Scholarships are Giving Away Free Money this Season: Here are Our Top Picks

For: High School Seniors

It's not surprising that Coca Cola Scholars Program is popular. With generous award to over 1,400 prospective college students each year, the program looks for qualities in applicants like leadership and service. Involvement in school and surrounding community is a must for this award. They want to see your transcripts, clubs and organizations, honors and awards, volunteer organizations, and any employment history.

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Meet the Student Who Won $142,000 in Scholarships

Meet Chika Adiele, a determined college-bound Scholly user from Vegas, NV who won $142,000 in scholarships. Scholly was founded on the ideal of providing an opportunity for all. We stay motivated because of success stories like Chika's. This is how she got that bread:

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Get the Inside Scoop on Campus-life: Tips for Incoming College Freshmen

We hope our college-bound high school grads are considering taking part in pre-freshman programs. These programs give you a chance to learn during the summer and get better acquainted with the school and some of your future peers. If you are not yet convinced you will want to keep reading. These tips are useful for both college-bound and high school students.

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Finishing Strong: End of School Year Tips

Hello Summer!

We’re a few weeks away from the official seasonal start, but weather-wise for much of the country we are right where we need to be. For many colleges and universities, summer break is already here. For those of you already in college and done for the semester, please give yourself some time to step away from everything and reset. That end-of-semester grind preparing for finals and finishing papers and projects can be extremely strenuous. You deserve some downtime. Even if you’re headed right back for summer courses or off to an internship, try to figure out a way to spend at least a couple of days doing something different. Find a short trip, a staycation, or time with family. Make recharging a priority.

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