The Holiday Season is in full swing and so are scholarship programs looking to give you free money. Should you take a break from school work and rest? Certainly! But you also might want to consider applying to some scholarships. Keep reading for some info on why the Holidays are a good time to start or renew your scholarship search. 

You’ll get a head start.

Many spring scholarships have deadlines as early as January. Applying over the break or at least making a scholarship application timetable will help ensure you don’t miss any great opportunities. The sooner you start looking, the sooner you can get that free money.

You’ll thank yourself later.

Homework is stressful enough. Applying to scholarships over the break means you don’t have to apply to scholarships during the semester on top of your school work. You’ll also be working on those applications away from the stressful environment of school.

You’ll be able plan for college.

Many second-semester scholarships are awarded at the end of spring or the beginning of the summer. By then you’ll have figured out where you are going to college and how much you need to shelve out. Applying over the winter means you can offset some of those costs before you’re hit with your expected contribution. And you won’t have to scramble over the summer trying to figure out how to pay for school.

You’ll have a foundation for future applications.

Scholarship essays can be tricky and you want to give yourself enough time to put your best foot forward. Applying over the holidays will also set you up for any applications you may need to submit during the semester – you’ll already have your essays written!

So good luck with the end of the year, happy Holidays, and happy applying!