So you applied for a scholarship and haven’t heard back. I know the feeling, and it’s not a great one. Here is why you may not have heard back from the scholarship you applied for …

The Deadline: Sometimes the reason you haven’t heard back from a scholarship is because you may have submitted your scholarship application before the deadline. The organization may not have started reviewing applications yet. Some students think they should hear back from scholarship organizations right away, but do your sanity a favor and wait until after the deadline has passed to expect a response.
Lots of Applicants: More often than not, scholarships get a ton of applications. These applications are usually reviewed by only a handful of people, the kind of people that want to take their time to review each application before choosing the right candidate to receive the scholarship. This process takes their time, and your patience.
Supplemental Materials:  You have to make sure to read the fine print of each scholarship to make sure they didn’t ask for something like your FASFA, a photo, an extra essay, or something else that you may need in order to complete your application. If your application is incomplete for any reason it might delay the process, or worse, make you ineligible.
Check the scholarship website: Check the scholarship website at the beginning or end of each month to see if they posted about the winners. Sometimes, scholarships may not let every applicant know a decision, so be sure to see if they announced winners without telling you.
Maybe you didn’t win: We have all been a position where we wanted something, but it went to someone else. When I won $1.3 million in scholarships, I didn’t win every scholarship, but applied for so many that I won enough to cover my education. You don’t have to win everything, but just keep working hard until you get something.

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