The end of the school year is approaching, and that means it’s time to start getting ready for college and the next year ahead. Whether you’re about to head off to college or gear up for the summer before the start of a new semester, it’s never too early to square away your financial plans. Scholly is here to help. We’re here to assist in making your academic journey as easy and affordable as possible. Not only do we offer access to thousands of scholarships so you can go to college debt-free, we provide a multitude of educational resources to guide you in your academic trajectory snd success stories from other students to help motivate you.

You can download the app, or create an account here to get started. You’ll gain instant access to scholarships as well as tips and advice on how to navigate this exciting time in your life. Our database has recurring scholarships, one-time scholarships, and even awards specifically for the different tools you will need to assist in your education like textbooks.

If you’re worried that you may have missed some scholarship deadlines, don’t stress! There are still plenty of scholarships you can still apply to right now, and we’ve put together a list of 10 scholarships that are currently featured on the Scholly app. Submission dates are approaching quickly, so be sure to apply soon. Who knows? You might be featured in our Success Stories and become a part of our #SchollySquad.

1. Paradigm Challenge

Deadline: 5-1-2018

Award: $100,000

2. The Foundation for Blended & Online

Deadline: 4-30-2018

Award: $40,000

3. Huang Leadership Development Scholarship

Deadline: 5-9-2018

Award: $34,000

4. Earl Warren Scholarship

Deadline: 5-1-2018

Award: $30,000

5. Live Mas Scholarship

Deadline: 5-12-2018

Award: $25,000

6. Gus Archie Scholarship Program

Deadline: 4-15-2018

Award: $20,000

7. Milton Fischer Scholarship for Innovation & Creativity

Deadline: 5-1-2018

Award: $20,000

8. The Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship Fund

Deadline: 5-1-2018

Award: $18,000

9. The Tang Scholarship

Deadline: 4-30-2018

Award: $15,000

10. Eat Right ADA Scholarship

Deadline: 4-17-2018

Award: $10,000