How to Apply to Scholarships

How to Apply to Scholarships

We know applying to scholarships can be daunting. There are so many to choose from and knowing how and when to start can be tricky. Strong applications require work, but the win is worth it. At Scholly, we are always looking to help our users win as many scholarships as possible. Here is our formula for success:


The early bird gets the worm with scholarships. If you're looking for scholarships for any school year, start your search the summer before that school year. Fall is a popular time for scholarships looking to sponsor students, especially prospective college students. No matter your grade, you'll want to get organized over the summer to be ready for applications opening from mid-August throughout the semester.


Scholarships are available all year round and we add scholarships to our database daily. Make sure you're checking Scholly regularly so you don't miss free money opportunities. Our platform supports high school, college, and graduate students so you can use Scholly throughout your academic career. We also have in-app tools to help you organize your applications. Make an application timetable to help you knock out your applications consistently and on time.


Scholarship panels are made up of people and people are subjective. Research the organization sponsoring the scholarship before applying. If it's a non-profit, what's their mission? If it's a company, what's their culture? Look into the organization's work to see which values they champion. Can you highlight experiences or awards that speak to these values? Understanding judges will guide how you communicate with them and gives you an edge over applicants who haven't done research.


Now you know who you're trying to win over, you can tailor your application to them. Speak to the characteristics the program is looking for in an application. If the essay topic is open-ended, choose one that tells your fullest story. An important thing to remember is that we are all humans who share similar wants and insecurities. Tell a relatable story. You want the person reading your application to think, "I feel that" or "I've been there before". Run your essays through Scholly Editor to refine your writing.


You won't win every scholarship you apply to. While this is frustrating, it does not mean you should give up. A scholarship, i.e. free money, is always a better option than a loan. Even if you have a great financial aid package, scholarships can provide spending money. If you don't win a scholarship, ask for feedback so you can keep improving your applications. For every scholarship you don’t win, there is another one out there waiting for you to claim it.

Eager to get started? Find and apply for scholarships now!

How to Get More Scholarship Matches on Scholly

How to Get More Scholarship Matches on Scholly

Student life moves fast. You're getting that degree, exploring your interests, joining new organizations, working part-time, volunteering, and crossing things off of your bucket list. But while you're maintaining your busy schedule, you may be leaving money on the table - literally.

If you don't take a moment to update your Scholly profile, there will be scholarship matches out there that won't find you. For example, tutoring kids at a community center isn't just a great way to make a difference, but can also get you more scholarship matches from programs looking to sponsor students involved in their communities. Just think: what has changed in my life recently? Maybe your GPA has improved, or you joined a new club, or even changed your major!

At Scholly we are constantly adding scholarships to our database to bring our users the best opportunities out there. We've added 160 scholarships in September and the month isn't even over! Try to make monthly updates to your profile, especially if your activities are shifting. Keep adding your latest accolades, skills, and interests. No matter what happens in your life, personal or school related, programs want to know.

We've just hit fall and scholarship programs are hunting for their next generation of awardees. Do yourself a favor and go back and tick all the boxes that tell your fullest story. The result could be thousands of dollars saved on your education.

Meet the New Scholly Editor

Meet the New Scholly Editor

right edit.png

Your New Favorite Back to School Tool

You’re not the only one with a fresh look this back-to-school season. If you haven’t peeped Scholly Editor lately you’ll definitely want to. We’ve redesigned our online proofreader to make editing your writing style and grammar even easier. Whether you’re working on a scholarship essay, polishing a homework assignment, or double-checking an important email, Editor is for you.


How To Use Editor:

Step One: Upload Your Written Work  

If you write anything, you should run it through Scholly Editor for the final touches. You can either type directly in Editor or upload/copy and paste your writing to get started.






Step Two: Get to Editing

After your document is in Editor, you’ll see suggestions on how to improve your writing in the left-hand corner. They will be organized into two categories: grammar and style. Grammar suggestions will be in yellow and highlight errors like spelling and punctuation mistakes. Style edits will be in purple focus on sentence construction and flow.

Work through these corrections as you see fit. The goal is to take your writing to the next level without losing your authenticity.



Step Three: Ace it

Sweet success! Your work is polished. Download your revised document and continue on your path to success. Sound like something you could use? Of course, it is – Scholly Editor is for everyone. Get started on your first assignment and ease your way to an A with Editor.

We're Hiring: Director of Strategic Partnerships

We're Hiring: Director of Strategic Partnerships

Scholly is looking for a Director of Strategic Partnerships to join our team!

Company Description

At Scholly, we are dedicated to developing game-changing technology platforms for students, parents and institutions that help every individual access and afford the higher education opportunity they want. Scholly is an easy way to find scholarships for high school seniors, current undergraduates, and graduate students. Designed to ease the scholarship search process, Scholly’s adaptive matching engine promises to deliver smarter, targeted lists of scholarships. Scholly seeks to fix the current outdated process that requires students to fill out long, tiresome forms and then fail to deliver relevant results. All this in the form factor of mobile applications.

Why Us?

At Scholly, we believe in making higher education accessible to any student who desires it. One of the biggest barriers for students entering college is the ever rising cost of attending both private and public institutions. We work hard and fast to imagine and create solutions that help students find ways to lower the barriers to higher education. We’re a small but growing team located in Los Angeles. Working at Scholly, you would be responsible for a wide range of projects and would see big changes created by you released on a regular basis. We adapt quickly, creating a constant stream of new ideas and opportunities to help make a difference in students’ lives. Join us and see how you can make a difference in communities across the country by helping more people get the education they deserve!

Job Description

We are looking for a highly motivated, self-starter with an engaging personality who wants the individual responsibility to create and own business relationships with leadership qualities to build a team.  The ideal candidate will have a strong ability to think strategically and analytically about business and product opportunities, demonstrate a record of executing high-value partnerships, and experience managing a team of high performing individuals.  

What You’ll Achieve:

  • Envision new partnerships and business opportunities that positively impact our core business, enhancing the outcomes of internal business partners 
  • Evaluate and prioritize partnership opportunities, performing quantitative and qualitative due diligence 
  • Build strategic relationships with key external stakeholders and represent their needs internally, building a bridge between Scholly and our partners 
  • Collaborate with cross-functional partners in operations, product, marketing, and PR to launch and manage our key partnerships 
  • Focus on the growth and development of the Business Development team, with a focus on managing by example


  • Minimum 5 of years of experience in business development and sales at a tech company
  • BA/BS/Masters in Economics, Business, Engineering, or other quantitative focus 
  • Minimum 3 years in management position 
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Please email if interested.

Scholarships are Giving Away Free Money this Season: Here are Our Top Picks

Scholarships are Giving Away Free Money this Season: Here are Our Top Picks

Did you know back-to-school season is also scholarship season? Fall is an excellent time to find and apply for scholarships. Programs and organizations are on the hunt to help students pay for their education and Scholly is here to help you find them. These are some of our top picks of the season.

Coca Cola Scholars Program

Amount: $20,000 per year $80,000 total

Deadline: October 31st, 2018

For: High School Seniors

It's not surprising that Coca Cola Scholars Program is popular. With generous award to over 1,400 prospective college students each year, the program looks for qualities in applicants like leadership and service. Involvement in school and surrounding community is a must for this award. They want to see your transcripts, clubs and organizations, honors and awards, volunteer organizations, and any employment history.

"Moving Forward" Scholarship Contest

Amount: $10,000

Deadline: September 15th, 2018

For: High School Seniors and College Students

This scholarship is brought to you by Bellhops, a tech moving services platform whose workforce consists mostly of college students. Bellhops wants to help a student 'move forward' so they're giving their hefty award to one who can illustrate how their major can serve society.

Ron Brown Scholar Program

Amount: $10,000 per year $40,000 total

Deadline: November 1st, 2018

For: African-American High School Seniors

'Public service, community engagement, business entrepreneurship, and global citizenship' are qualities this program seeks to inspire in its scholars. The Ron Brown Scholar program supports low-income African-American high school seniors with renewable scholarships to help them major in any subject they choose.

Get Educated Online College Scholarship

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: October 15th, 2018

For: Online Students

Attention online students - this one is for you! Get Educated is a resource for distance-learning students, helping them navigate their digital degrees. With a biannual scholarship, Get Educated assists students enrolled in or planning to enroll in an accredited online university degree program.

SR Community College Scholarship

Amount: $5,000

Deadline: September 29th, 2018

For: Community College Students

This one is for our community college students. SR Education Group wants to get to know its scholarship applicants through two open-ended personal questions. Tell the scholarship sponsors how you'll put your degree to good use and why you need help to pay for it.

SR Military Scholarship

Amount: $5,000

Deadline: September 30th, 2018

For: Active Military and Veteran Students and Dependents/Survivors 

SR Education group also recognizes students who serve. The program is open to active military students, veteran students, and students who are dependents or survivors of service members. Answer three open-ended personal questions about using your degree, the influence of the military, and your financial need.

Wendy's High School Heisman Scholarship

Amount: $5,000

Deadline: October 17th, 2018

For: High School Senior Athletes

Sponsored by the fast-food joint with the shadiest twitter account, the High School Heisman award is for high school seniors who double as athletes and community leaders. The program has divided the country into five regions from which 10 national winners - 5 male and 5 female - are selected. They also award smaller amounts at state and regional levels.

Most Valuable Student Scholarship

Amount: Up to $12,500 per year $50,000 total

Deadline: November 15th, 2018

For: High School Seniors

The Elk National Foundation awards scholarships to students who have a talent for leadership. Finalists will take part in an all-expenses paid leadership weekend to interview with national judges. From there awards are staggered across finalists.

Adobe Research Women-in-Technology Scholarship

Amount: $10,000

Deadline: September 28th, 2018

For: Undergraduate and Graduate Female Computer Science Students

The software company Adobe Research wants to bring more gender diversity to tech. With this scholarship they are supporting women studying computer science, computer engineering, or a related field anywhere in the world. The award also comes with a mentor, a chance to interview for an internship, and a year-long subscription membership to Creative Cloud - a creative software platform - for one year.


Amount: $10,000

Deadline: September 15th, 2018

For: Student Mothers

Scholarships4Moms helps student mothers by connecting them to educational opportunities. They want their scholarship to ease some stress of balancing motherhood and higher education. The application is quick and simple - perfect for moms with no time to waste!

Olin E. Teague Scholarship

Amount: $4,000

Deadline: October 12th, 2018

For: High School Seniors

Are you an aerospace nerd? The National Space Club and Foundation offers a scholarship every year to encourage careers in aerospace fields. Be ready to have a transcript, letter of recommendation from a STEM faculty member or mentor, and research paper on aerospace applications.

These are just a few of the thousands of scholarship opportunities available this season. Programs are looking to support students across the board: college-bound high school seniors, current undergrads, and grad students alike.

Not sure where to look? No worries - we already found them for you.

Meet the Student Who Won $142,000 in Scholarships

Meet the Student Who Won $142,000 in Scholarships

I’ll never forget that feeling of being on the stage and realizing I could go to my dream school.
— Chika

Meet Chika Adiele, a determined college-bound Scholly user from Vegas, NV who won $142,000 in scholarships. Scholly was founded on the ideal of providing an opportunity for all. We stay motivated because of success stories like Chika's. This is how she got that bread: 

Since I was little, I was always told to never worry about paying for college. Then one day during the summer before my senior year, my mom told me that I would have to pay tuition by myself because our financial situation. My dad, the financial breadwinner, had lost everything, and my single mom needed money for other expenses. I was shocked and devastated, but I'm not one to give up easily so I started exploring some options. That’s when I found my solution: scholarships.

In the beginning, the scholarship process was incredibly intimidating and overwhelming. Many websites were terribly organized and barely had any scholarships for me. Then I came across Scholly.


The website was super user-friendly, matched me with amazing scholarships, and even told me which scholarships best suited me with the Scholly score. I treated applying to scholarships like a part-time job. It was not easy. I went to a dual credit high school which practically made me a full-time college student. On top of my classes, I was the student council president, conducting undergraduate research, doing theater, and volunteering among other things. I’d apply during any spare time I had on the app: rehearsal, between classes, while I was eating, or even during my workouts. The Scholly deadline tracker to kept me on track with applications amidst my crazy schedule.

Over time, applying became easier. I started reusing the same essays and the Scholly blog tips had great advice. What used to take me 2 hours started taking 30-45 minutes. It actually started becoming fun and was a major confidence booster. With the help of Scholly, I applied to over 100 scholarships during my senior year. To top it off, I even got accepted into my dream school: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

I still remember the very first major scholarship I won. It was the end of April, and it was from the Rogers Foundation. At this point, the college decision day was a little over a week away. I still didn’t have the funds to go to UNC-Chapel Hill, but I kept a positive attitude. Next thing I knew, I won the grand scholarship of $100,000. I’ll never forget that feeling of being on the stage and realizing I could go to my dream school. My mom was screaming and I teared I was so happy. It got even better. During the next ten days, I won over $40,000 more in outside scholarships. Not only was I able to afford college but could now go practically for free.

I plan on majoring in Biology and minoring in Spanish so that I can go to medical school and become a doctor. With the help of scholarships and Scholly, I’m one step closer to my dream.

Congratulations, Chika! The Scholly team is proud of you. 

Have your own Scholly Story to share? Let us know! Still need to make your dreams come true? Join Scholly today!