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Financial health starts with staying healthy!

Financial health starts with staying healthy!

School is back in session, the weather is changing, and those scholarship application deadlines are looming. Here are our tips for staying healthy this upcoming application season:

First thing’s first, take those vitamins! Whether it be the gummies, some Emergen-C, or those hippy homeopathic immune system boosters, make sure your body is equip to fight those toxins.

WASH YOUR HANDS. This may seem like a given, but you would be surprised at how many people don’t do this after they do their business. Dirty hands is one of the easiest ways to catch someone else’s bug. Keep some hand sanitizer on deck as well.

Sleep. Now this may be difficult if you’re a student balancing classes, extracurriculars, a job, and scholarship applications, but manage your time to make sure you’re giving your body a rest. Tired body means tired immune system.

Hydrate. Fluids are your friend. They flush out germs and toxins and keep your skin glowy.

Swerve on them sick people. Even if they are your friends. If you live with any, be sure to regularly disinfect surfaces and doorknobs.

Get a flu shot. Some schools and pharmacies do them for free depending on your insurance. And why not protect yourself when you don’t have to spend any money?

Break a sweat. Regular exercise is good for your immune system.

Stay warm. Eat some warm food and drink some tea. When you’re cold, your body spends energy warming you up when it could spend that energy fighting off infections. Help your body help itself.

It’s crucial to stay healthy this fall. This is a great time to apply to scholarships and you need to be healthy in order to balance those applications with school work. Some scholarship programs even like to interview candidates, so tip top shape should be a priority.

Happy hunting!

Wanna keep your smarts this summer? Read all about it!

Wanna keep your smarts this summer? Read all about it!

Trying to keep your mind sharp this summer? In between scholarship searches consider taking up some good reading. The school year, whether it be semesters or quarters, doesn’t reflect how post-life college functions. In the real world, work doesn’t stop when the weather is nice. And those three long summer months can affect students’ engagement with higher-level thinking - crucial for getting back to school and entering the workforce.

That is why summer reading has been recommended by so many educators as a way to keep students on track over the summer. Reading continues this engagement with higher-level thinking and creates a rhythm of learning. The main perk of summer reading is that students experience a change in intensity of reading, but not the activity of reading itself. Exercising your brain also eases the transition back to school, which saves you time re-adjusting to academic life.

When selecting your summer reads consider topics that are good for your personal development or that you’ve never learned about. For example, reading self-help books on personal finance or a political memoir can help your transition into adult life or challenge some of your personal views. Reading also inevitably improves one’s writing - great for scholarship essays.

Between scholarship applications and expanding your mind through literature, be sure to enjoy the down time. Summer breaks soon become a thing of the past once you enter the professional sphere. These breaks are precious, well deserved, and important for making memories and reconnecting with friends and family.

Read. Relax. And get those scholarships. 

Five Things to Focus on in 2017 ...

Five Things to Focus on in 2017 ...

It’s a new year filled with (among other things) resolutions, presidents, and yes opportunities for scholarships. So we decided to put together a quick list of the Top Five Things you should be focusing on to succeed and win big in the New Year. Welcome to 2017!

  • GET ACTIVE! Just like exercising, the more you do it the better in shape you’ll be in. Don’t forget to invest time into searching for new scholarships that you may not have seen last year. It might take a little discipline but remember what Thomas Edison told us that “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
  • REDUCE. REUSE. RECYCLE. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel with scholarship applications and essays. Take old writings and repurpose them to fit into the mold of scholarships that you’re applying to now. 
  • VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME. Not only is it good for the community, volunteering is also good experience to place in scholarship essays and even college applications. Many scholarship applications ask about volunteer experience and what key takeaways people gain. Take some time to give back this year; you never know what you might receive in return.
  • BUILD A LIBRARY. Home Depot has plenty of tools you can pull from. We’re just messing don’t build an actual library but take the time to document everything that you do and learn from extracurricular activities and internships to babysitting and 5k’s. Many people don’t know that what seems like a small experience can have big results considering how many different types of scholarships are out there.
  • LEARN A NEW SKILL. There are so many new things to learn like how to login to Scholly with your chin (send pics). If you’re not such a risk taker, you could always do something like learn a new language but hey we’re not judging. Learning new skills helps make mental connections between different things that will help you on your scholarship essays. Applications tend to ask students to connect seemingly abstract concepts and learning new skills helps your brain do this in ways you wouldn’t think of. 

It's About Who Knows You.

It's About Who Knows You.

There’s a saying in business; ‘it’s not who you know, it’s who knows you.’ The same is true for many things much like the scholarship search process. Scholly’s patented system helps scholarships find you. Instead of spending hours trying to find the right scholarships, you can spend minutes inputting your profile parameters and hours being Mrs. or Mr. popular letting scholarships come to a boss.

Your age, race, gpa, level of study, and other criteria are extremely important when it comes to the scholarship search process. To win big money doesn’t have to take a lot of research. Scholly has you covered there. What it takes is a little bit of time to express yourself, put in some great work to fill out scholarship applications, and the discipline to take advantage of opportunities when they arise. Scholly is here for your success and making sure that scholarships ‘know you’ so awards can know your pockets.

Major Key

Major Key

You might not think the scholarships want you to win, but our team at Scholly does. Here’s the Major Key of the day; keep a list. Whatever stage of life you’re in right now, whether that’s in high school or college; you should keep running lists of your involvements. Make sure that you write down all of the activities, groups, and organizations that you are a part of. Most importantly, be sure to write down exactly what you did and why it was meaningful to you.

Scholarship applications often times ask for your past experiences or for you to reflect on specific moments. When you’re applying to win scholarship awards, it is important that you can clearly communicate the nature of your experiences. Keeping lists will make this process much easier and helps you recall those experiences in significant ways.

Just like you have a scholarship database on your Scholly app, you should keep a life database of your involvement throughout school. You will thank yourself later for how well it prepares you to win scholarships. So the next time you volunteer at that soup kitchen, tutor a friend, intern at an accounting firm, or help young children paint; write it down! Major scholarship key here. As DJ Khaled would say, “another one.”

Winning scholarships: 2 no-brainers you probably haven't thought about.

Winning scholarships: 2 no-brainers you probably haven't thought about.

One of the biggest reasons why students don’t apply for scholarships is because they don’t think they’ll win. Let’s face it — few of us have climbed Mount Everest and started two companies, or persevered through endless adversity. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t win! 

Here’s a little insight that most students miss when they’re in the middle of the scholarship process:

Scholarships are judged by people and people are always biased! Make sure to do thorough research on the organization that is sponsoring the scholarship. If it’s a non-profit, what’s their mission? If it’s a company, what’s their culture? Look at these organizations’ past work and see if you can determine which traits they especially value. If you understand who is sponsoring the scholarship, you’ll have a leg up on whoever blindly applies. 

Based on what you learn from your research fine-tune your scholarship essay and application to fit the sponsoring organization. Now that you know the people who are judging the scholarship, you can make them identify and empathize with you. To do so, choose an essay topic that is at once relatable and unique. Humans, by nature, share the same goals and insecurities. How we individually achieve our goals and cope with our insecurities is unique. Make the person reading your application say, “I’ve totally been there” and I guarantee your chances of winning the scholarship will skyrocket. 

Lastly, remember that applying for scholarships is a process. You won’t win every scholarship you apply to, but you learn how to become a better applicant after each scholarship you apply for. If you recycle and improve on your ideas as you apply for different scholarships, you’ll set yourself up for success.