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Scholarships in Celebration of PRIDE

Scholarships in Celebration of PRIDE

Happy Pride from the Scholly team!

We extend our support to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) community in celebration of Pride this month. At Scholly we are all about #OpportunityforAll, and we want to shed light on current LGBTQ scholarship opportunities. Here are our top picks:

Visto Scholarship

Amount: $10,000

Due Date: June 29th 2018

Formerly known as The Collective, Visto is a digital marketing company that started the Bill Caspare Memorial Fund. The fund provides scholarships for diverse students - including LGBTQ - interested in advertising and media. Applicants must be undergraduate upperclassman or graduate students.

GAPA Foundation Scholarship

Amount: $5,000

Due Date: June 30th 2018

The GAPA Foundation celebrates and awards scholarships to LGBTQ Asian and Pacific Islander (API) student activists. Highs school seniors, trade/vocational school students, undergraduates, and graduate students are all encouraged to apply.

 PRAXAIR Industrial Refrigeration Diversity Scholarships

Amount: $1,750

Due Date: December 31st 2018

This scholarship is administered by the Ammonia Refrigeration Foundation and is for diverse students interested in the refrigerator industry. Applicants must be engineering students within one or two years of graduating. The scholarship acts as a grant to attend the Annual International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) Industrial Refrigeration Conference.

Diversity in STEAM Magazine Scholarship

Amount: $500

Due Date: August 15th 2018

Diversity in STEAM Magazine promotes employment and educational opportunities to people of diverse backgrounds. Applicants must have an interest in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Both current and prospective university students are welcome to apply.

We constantly update and add to our database so be sure to login into Scholly regularly for new scholarship opportunities. Happy Pride and good luck on those applications!

Say Hello to Alexiea Feaster, Our First Scholly Summit Scholarship Recipient

Say Hello to Alexiea Feaster, Our First Scholly Summit Scholarship Recipient

Our first-ever Scholly Summit, held in Chicago, Illinois on February 10, 2018, ended with a BANG. We had to opportunity to meet hundreds of Chicago Public School students, listen to words of wisdom from Chance The Rapper, Jesse Williams, and our very own Christopher Gray, and best of all, award one CPS Senior a scholarship!

Meet Alexiea Feaster, winner of our $10,000 Scholly Summit Scholarship. Alexiea dreams to become a doctor and we are so proud to be able to contribute to her educational success!

As part of her journey, Alexiea is this week’s Scholly Guest Blogger, sharing a bit about her background and her educational goals to inspire more students like her to chase their dreams, pursue higher education, and become a part of the Scholly Family.

Hi everyone!

My name is Alexiea Feaster I am so honored to have received this scholarship! Currently, I am a senior at William J. Bogan High School in Chicago, Illinois with dreams of attending Xavier University of Louisiana in pursuit of becoming a Doctor...for free; and Scholly has brought me one step closer to this goal. I hope to one day save lives for those who are hurting and helpless, and Xavier’s pre-med program will best help me in achieving this dream.

The Scholly app has been a tremendous help in matching me to scholarships that are the best fit for me and my goals, and the best part is that it saves time and eliminates the confusion students often feel while using online scholarship searches. On top of using the app, I had the opportunity to attend the Scholly Summit and it was an incredibly eye-opening experience that I feel fortunate to have attended. Of all the speakers we listened to, Derrius Quarles resonated with me the most. He is from Chicago, and is known as the “Million-Dollar Scholar.” He said something that I will never forget: “What you need to know now is that it’s bigger than you.”, meaning that life will bring us trauma, failure, and obstacles, but all of that is part of a much bigger picture of our success. We cannot get caught up in these micro-moments and let negativity bring us down. Most importantly, we need to accept help earlier on in order to make the journey to success an easier one and pass that knowledge on to others. When he said this, I felt inspired, motivated, and understood my purpose.

I know that to achieve greatness I will have to think about the lives of others because how can an economy flourish if no one can pass knowledge on to the next person? Thank you, Scholly for granting me this scholarship and opportunity. You have opened the doors to success for me and I hope I can continue to make you proud!

Congratulations Alexia! We can't wait to see all that you achieve.

Want to win $10,000 like Alexia? Apply to our 'No Essay' $10k Summer Scholarship!

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Some more scholarship winning tips ...

Some more scholarship winning tips ...

Fall is a great time to apply for scholarships. So in addition to becoming a Scholly member (obvi the best way to find them!) we wanted to share some other tips to help you find scholarship money.

Look in your backyard.

Your local community likely has college scholarships looking for you. Businesses and organizations in your hood want to support your success as a student, so look for them, and put in the work to apply.

Think out of your backyard.

Colleges often want to build geographic diversity. So consider applying to college scholarships to schools in another state.

Manage your online persona.

Your online presence is important to clean up, as it will most def be looked at. Schools consider their scholarship winners a reflection of themselves, so make sure you look buttoned up, ok, ok, at least reasonably presentable! ;)


Four popular fall scholarships...

Four popular fall scholarships...

Fall is here! That means apple cider is back, the leaves are changing color, and people are already talking about Halloween. It also means scholarship programs are looking to give you free money for this school year. To help you get started on those scholarship applications we compiled a list of our popular scholarships with deadlines this fall to get you going. 

Voice of Democracy Scholarship
Award amount: $30,000
Who is eligible: High School
Deadline: November 1

1st place for this scholarship goes to a high school student for an exceptional essay on American democracy to be paid directly to the winner’s future college or university. Other scholarship awards from this program range from $1,000-$16,000. This scholarship is open to all American students from 9th-12th grade.

Scholarship America Dream Award
Award amount: $15,000
Who is eligible: Undergraduate students
Deadline: October 15th 

The purpose of this program is to provide financial support for students while they continue through school. Financial need is a heavily considered and 10 scholarships will be awarded.

Addiction Awareness Scholarship
Award amount: $6,000
Who is eligible: Undergraduate and Graduate students
Deadline: December 22nd 

For those who are passionate about addiction and its effects on both individuals and their wider communities, this essay contest is for you. 2nd and 3rd places are also awarded $3,000 and $2,000 respectively. 

U.S. Bank Scholarship
Award amount: $20,000
Who is eligible: High School and College/University Students
Deadline: October 27th 

This scholarship requires applicants to complete Financial Genius tutorials and awards runners-up $5,000-$10,000. Registration is quick and easy and you get to learn about finances along the way!

These are just five of the programs waiting for you to apply to them. You literally have no excuse. Go get those scholarships now!

Win our $1000 Scholarship!

Win our $1000 Scholarship!

Share Scholly to enter our $1000 scholarship. If you're a Scholly member, share your code through your app or web account. Every time someone clicks your link, it counts as 1 entry to our $1000 scholarship.

The most entries wins.

Go to your SHARE link in the main menu of the moble and web app. Share your link through social, email, SMS, or all of the above. The more people click on your link the better your chance of winning. A winner will be chosen at the end of September, so share, share, share... and share!

Of course if you're not a Scholly member, sign up now, this won't be the only scholarship opportunity you'll be matched with.

How to Manage Your Scholarships on Scholly

How to Manage Your Scholarships on Scholly

You probably know by now that Scholly matches you with scholarships meant just for you, instantly. But did you that we help you manage them too!

Once you build a profile on Scholly and get matched to scholarships (it even has something called a ‘Scholly Score’ which indicates how well matched you are to a scholarship to help you prioritize) scroll through the list and hit ‘Save’ for the ones to which you’d like to apply. These saved scholarships will show up on your ‘Saved’ list which you can access by clicking on the ‘Saved’ button at the top of your scholarship list.

You now have your favorite scholarships ‘Saved’ and you can start applying! Be sure to keep track of deadlines and maybe even make yourself an application schedule. Once you’ve started on a scholarship application, you can click the ‘In Progress’ button on the scholarship box to mark that you are still working on it. Once you have finished that application, click on the ‘Applied’ button. The scholarship will have a blue tick next to it and be moved to the bottom of your ‘Saved’ list.

If and when you win a scholarship, the scholarship program will contact you directly. At that point, log into Scholly and click the ‘Won’ button. A green trophy will appear next to the scholarship you won, and THAT feel really, really good!

Happy applying!