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Scholarships for Black History Month: Our Top Picks

Scholarships for Black History Month: Our Top Picks

Happy Black History Month! February is a time for celebrating the history and achievements of African-Americans. Since it’s also financial aid awareness month, we thought we’d do what we do best, and give you the inside scoop on scholarships looking to help black and other minority students this season. Here are our top picks.  

Vinson & Elkins Diversity Scholarships

Award: $10,000 plus an internship

Deadline: April 1st

For: Minority Texas high school seniors looking to pursue legal studies

First up is an opportunity for our future advocates. Started in 1990, the Vinson & Elkins law firm targets students of color and LGBTQ students who wish to study law but are in need of financial assistance. Not only are there 7 awards up for grabs, but the firm also offers their scholars internships and mentoring. Students must be in the top 20% of their class, score higher than 1100 on the SAT or 22 on the ACT, and write a personal statement of 500-1500 words.

Minority Teachers of Illinois (MTI) Scholarship Program

Award: $5,000 per year

Deadline: March 1st

For: Minority undergrad and grad students who want to be teachers

If you’re a minority student from Illinois with a passion for education, this program is for you. MTI will sponsor minority students who want to teach in any capacity. Applicants must be enrolled in or accepted to an institution of higher learning and maintain a 2.5 GPA to keep the scholarship.

Ruth D. Peterson Fellowship for Racial and Ethnic Diversity

Award: $6,000

Deadline: March 1st

For: PhD Minority criminal justice and criminology students

This one if for our social justice warriors. Named after Ruth D. Peterson, a professor of sociology at Ohio State University – whose research focuses on ethnic inequality in crime and consequences of criminal justice policies for racial and ethnic minorities – the fellowship hopes to alleviate underrepresentation in the field by helping students of color complete their degrees. There are 3 awards up for grabs. They want to know everything: a resume, a personal statement, a statement of need, your career plans and passion for the subject, and 3 reference letters.

American Bus Association (ABA) Diversity Scholarship

Award: $5,000

Deadline: April 4th

For: Undergraduate minority students studying fields related to travel and tourism

The American Bus Association wants more minority students in the management and operation ranks of the transportation, travel, and tourism industry. If transportation gets you rolling (excuse the pun), tell the ABA how you hope to participate in the future of transport, motor coach, travel, or tourism or hospitality in a 500-word essay.

Lagrant Foundation Scholarships

Award: $3,750 for grad students; $2,500 for undergrads

Deadline: February 28th

For: Minority students looking to work in advertising, marketing and public relations

Know how to make a sell? The Lagrant Foundation is dedicated to increasing minority representation in marketing, advertising, and PR. 30 lucky undergrads and 20 lucky grads with a passion for the field will be selected as scholars in this program. Applicants must have a 3.0 GPA and answer 3 essay questions as a part of their application.

American Chemistry Society (ACS) Scholars Program

Award: $5,000

Deadline: March 1st

For: Minority high school senior and undergraduate chemistry nerds

If you’re suspicious of atoms because they make up everything, then you’re in the right place. The ACS wants to help minority students with renewable scholarships to ensure their success. They want to see your official transcripts, 2 letters of recommendation, and a copy of your Student Aid Report (SAR).  

A. Grace Lee Mims Vocal Scholarship

Award: $10,000

Deadline: March 15th

For: African-American graduate/doctoral vocal students

Sponsored by the Cleveland foundation, this program continues the tradition of Negro spiritual singing – an art form created by enslaved Africans in America. African-American students who want to perform and/or teach the art are encouraged to apply. On top of a general application, they want to see 3 letters of recommendation, an audio tape of a recent performance, personal statement, and a budget for your educational expenses.

Blacks at Microsoft Scholarships

Award: $5,000 per year

Deadline:  March 8th

For: Black high school seniors interested in tech

The employee resource group Blacks@Microsoft are looking for the next generation of black tech buffs. They’re giving out 2 awards and $1,500 to 5 runners-up on their way to college. They want to see 2 letters of recommendation, your resume, transcript, and 2 essays. If you’re interested in engineering, computer science, computer information systems, or select business programs (such as finance, business administration, or marketing) then this is not an opportunity you want to miss.

Sachs Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship

Award: $6,000 per year

Deadline: April 15th

For whom: Black high school seniors in Colorado

The Sachs foundation sponsors talented college-bound high school students in the state of Colorado. If you have a 3.0 GPA, and are in need of financial aid, this general scholarship is perfect for you.

American Library Association (ALA) Spectrum Scholarship

Award: $5,000

Deadline: March 1st

For whom: Minority library and information studies graduate students

Calling all book worms who prefer novels over humans – this scholarship is for you! ALA wants to address the issue of underrepresentation in the librarian profession with their Spectrum program. This one-time award also comes with a membership to ALA and an all-expenses paid 3-day trip to the Spectrum Leadership Institute catered to Spectrum scholars.  

That’s only a taste of all the opportunities we have found for you on Scholly. If you’re looking for more, look no further. With personalized scholarship-matching, in-app tracking tools to make sure you never miss a beat, and an AI-powered writing assistant, Scholly is your best chance at debt-free education.

Happy Black History Month and happy applying!

How Small Scholarships Can Help You Avoid Student Debt

How Small Scholarships Can Help You Avoid Student Debt

Every spring there are floods of media reports about students winning millions of dollars in scholarships for college. Scholly founder and CEO, Chris Gray, was one of those stories. Chris won over one million dollars to go to college, some of it from big name scholarship programs like the Gate's Foundation and Coca Cola Scholars Foundation. While these large scholarships helped propel Chris to success, it was the smaller scholarship awards that made more of a difference than he expected.

Two hundred and fifty dollars, five hundred dollars, a thousand dollars... every scholarship adds up, and is money you don't have yet. You know what else adds up? Miscellaneous expenses that come with student life. Books, a broken laptop, clothes for an internship interview, emergency travel, tuition for a summer course, storage fees and more will be part of your financial considerations. Financial aid does not cover these expenses. You must pay for them on top of normal tuition, fees, and housings costs that rise each year. Smaller scholarship awards help you pay for the extra expenses.

When you log into Scholly to see new matches, take the time to look into the smaller scholarships. Use the Scholly Score to prioritize your applications. If you're well-matched to a smaller scholarship, go for it! Extra free money hurt no student - trust us. Edit your application essay with Scholly Editor, then apply! You might end up a few hundred dollars richer.

And remember, scholarships are offered all year round! Log into Scholly now and avoid student debt.

4 Reasons to Apply for Scholarships During the Spring

4 Reasons to Apply for Scholarships During the Spring

Spring is here and while you are enjoying Spring Break, or preparing for Spring semester, it’s important to start looking into all the scholarships that are opening up to either help you pay for the rest of school year, your summer term, or next year. Here are a few reasons why you should be applying for scholarships during the Spring.

  1. New Scholarship Season: When March hits, a new wave of scholarships open up for students to apply for. Since students are only a few months away from having to make their college decision, it’s important to apply for as many of these awards as possible in order to be able pay the tuition bill when it comes.
  2. FASFA: By March, you should have submitted your FASFA (if you need to) in order to see what financial aid and grants you are eligible for. This only helps add to the funds you need and even if you don’t think you qualify, it’s super easy to apply and you never know what you could get.
  3. Recycle Essays: At this point, you have likely applied for a good number of scholarships so far. So a good tip would be to start seeing if any of the Spring scholarships you qualify for have similar essay prompts as scholarships you have applied for in the past. This allows you to reuse your essays and apply for several scholarships at once, saving you a ton of time during the process.
  4. Timing: A lot of scholarships that open in the Spring are awarded during the summer so while you are waiting to pick what school you are going to attend, it’s best to line up and time when things will be awarded so you can hedge your bets.

Spring is a time of great weather and lots of fun, but also full of scholarship opportunities waiting to be applied for. Go get ‘em!

Apply now, ask questions later.

Apply now, ask questions later.

Here are three words that will definitely help you win scholarships: Apply. Apply. Apply. 

Even if you think you won’t win the scholarship award, guess what? You should still apply. If you’re concerned about too many other people applying, guess what? You should still apply. If you have any worries about you not winning a particular scholarship that you apply for, well.... you should still apply! You never really know what the outcome will be and if you don't apply it's impossible to win.

It is true that everyone is competing for scholarships and it is a competitive place. There are also easy scholarships to win. Wayne Gretzky arguably the best hockey player to ever play the game said “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” Michael Jordan, arguably the best basketball player to ever play the game said “I’ve failed over and over and over again and that is why I succeed.” There you have it, two of the greats who believe in going for it no matter what and not letting a silly thing like the potential of missing or not succeeding immediately stop them from trying.

We all have opportunities that we’re presented with. Whether those opportunities come to be is a different story. However, we at Scholly can say without a doubt that you should always try and put your best foot forward before you convince yourself that it won’t happen. There’s nothing like looking back on an experience and knowing you took the leap to advance yourself forward. Apply for those scholarships for college today! That is one of the best ways to win scholarships.

Summertime isn't Bummertime.

Summertime isn't Bummertime.

Just because summer is in, doesn’t mean your scholarship applications shouldn't go out! There’s never a greater time to prepare and apply for scholarships than when school has slowed down and you have time on your hands. It’s hard, trust us we know, but if you can manage to apply for one scholarship per week, you will be well ahead of the game. Now is always the time to succeed and win scholarships and Scholly wants to help you.

One of the most difficult things about winning scholarships isn’t the actual application - it’s preparation and taking the first step. Summer time equips you with a unique ability prepare and get ready. Start logging into Scholly, take out a pen and paper, and start jotting down ideas of essays you’d like to write for your scholarship applications. You don’t have to fill them out now but start taking the first step.

Scholly is here to make the scholarship process easier and you can use the summer to really get a leg up on scholarships, prepare, and win them. Plus, this is a great way to keep your brain active so when you start school you’re still in the game like a pro. Let’s make this summer one to remember, and one to be a winner!


Major Key

Major Key

You might not think the scholarships want you to win, but our team at Scholly does. Here’s the Major Key of the day; keep a list. Whatever stage of life you’re in right now, whether that’s in high school or college; you should keep running lists of your involvements. Make sure that you write down all of the activities, groups, and organizations that you are a part of. Most importantly, be sure to write down exactly what you did and why it was meaningful to you.

Scholarship applications often times ask for your past experiences or for you to reflect on specific moments. When you’re applying to win scholarship awards, it is important that you can clearly communicate the nature of your experiences. Keeping lists will make this process much easier and helps you recall those experiences in significant ways.

Just like you have a scholarship database on your Scholly app, you should keep a life database of your involvement throughout school. You will thank yourself later for how well it prepares you to win scholarships. So the next time you volunteer at that soup kitchen, tutor a friend, intern at an accounting firm, or help young children paint; write it down! Major scholarship key here. As DJ Khaled would say, “another one.”