To date, Scholly has helped students win over $70 million in scholarships, impacting the lives of families across the world. We have helped students from various economic and ethnic backgrounds, ensuring that all students reach their potential.

However, there are some stories that are so incredible that are compelled to share in order to inspire other students on their journey to pay for college. One of the most compelling stories is that of Sunny Sandhu a student who used Scholly to win over $600,000 in scholarships to attend Princeton University.

He won nearly every major scholarship (and many others) including the Gates Millennium Scholarship, Coca Cola Scholarship, and Jack Cook Kent Scholarship.

How did you Scholly help you in your scholarship search process?

There are thousands of dollars of scholarships out there with your name on it, but the hard part is finding those scholarships. Scholly did exactly that for me, it helped me find the scholarships that wanted to invest in a student like me.

How did you feel Scholly impacted your life?

I would never have thought one download on the App Store would have such an impact on my future. I am grateful for Scholly in helping me realize my potential and showing me that the sky is truly the limit. Without the platform, attending a top-notch university like Princeton on a full-ride would not have an attainable task for me.

How did you feel when you found out you won so many scholarships?

Shocked. Winning these scholarships was not something I took for granted. In fact, with each scholarship I received, the more surprised I was. However, with the tools provided by Scholly, a feat like this should not be surprising, but should rather be everyday occurrence for the millions of students out there.

We are inspired by Sunny’s story and the team at Scholly is working hard every day to make sure we help create many more like him.