It’s almost summertime, and students have just gotten their college acceptance letters to the colleges of their dreams (hopefully!) This exciting time for some only lasts for a moment, since it's often followed by the realization that they have to figure out how they're going to pay for it. I know first hand that it's a stressful task, as you prepare to enjoy your last summer before college, or another summer while you are in college. And while some think summer is only here for beaches, sun, and fun, at Scholly we also see it as a prime time to apply for scholarships. So, why is summertime one of the best times to apply for scholarships?

  1. Lots of scholarships are open in the summer to help students pay for that tuition bill they are going to get in the mail. There are scholarships ranging from $1000 all the way to full rides!
  2. Since some students have already figured out how they're going to pay for college, scholarships open in the summer are often less competitive. That’s more money for you, and better odds of getting those awards.
  3. Since you likely know what school you're going to and how much financial aid you're going to receive, it makes it a lot easier to be strategic about what scholarships you want to apply for. You'll know the amount you need and can avoid having to spend your time applying for every award imaginable.

Of course, to find all of these scholarships, we urge you to check out Scholly, the easiest place to find scholarships for college. Happy hunting!