Every spring there are floods of media reports about students earning millions of dollars for college. Scholly founder and CEO, Chris Gray, was one of those stories. Chris won some big name scholarships from the Gate’s Foundation and Coca Cola Scholars Foundation. But an important lesson Chris often shares is that the smaller scholarship awards he earned also helped pay for college. 

Two hundred and fifty dollars, five hundred dollars, a thousand dollars… every scholarship at one of these amounts adds up, and is money you don’t currently have. You know what else adds up? The miscellaneous expenses that come with student life. Books, a broken laptop, clothes for an internship interview, emergency travel, tuition for a summer course, storage fees for your stuff, and so much more will all be part of your financial considerations. These expenses accumulate on top normal tuition, fees, and housings costs that will likely rise each year. 

When you log into Scholly to see new matches or hear about specific smaller scholarship opportunities in your community or on campus, don’t just brush them off. Take the time to look into them. If you already have an essay template that aligns with the topic, edit it with Scholly Editor, then apply! You just might walk away a winner with an amazing story to tell! Let us know for a chance to be featured on the Scholly site.

And remember, scholarships are offered all year round! Log into Scholly now and avoid student debt!

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