Scholly is looking for a Director of Operations to join our team!

Company Description

At Scholly, we are dedicated to developing game-changing technology platforms for students, parents and institutions that help every individual access and afford the higher education opportunity they want. Scholly is an easy way to find scholarships for high school seniors, current undergraduates, and graduate students. Designed to ease the scholarship search process, Scholly’s adaptive matching engine promises to deliver smarter, targeted lists of scholarships. Scholly seeks to fix the current outdated process that requires students to fill out long, tiresome forms and then fail to deliver relevant results — All this in the form factor of mobile applications. 

Why Us? 

At Scholly, we believe in making higher education accessible to any student who desires it. One of the biggest barriers for students entering college is the ever rising cost of attending both private and public institutions. We work hard and fast to imagine and create solutions that help students find ways to lower the barriers to higher education. We’re a small but growing team located in Los Angeles. Working at Scholly, you would be responsible for a wide range of projects and would see big changes created by you released on a regular basis. We adapt quickly, creating a constant stream of new ideas and opportunities to help make a difference in students’ lives. Join us and see how you can make a difference in communities across the country, by helping more people get the education they deserve! 

Job Description:

We are looking for a Director of Operations who will help us with organization of our daily operations, in order to safeguard and augment the efficiency of the company’s operations to facilitate accelerating development and long-term success. Your duties will include ensuring that our business is well-coordinated and productive by managing our procedures and coaching our people.

Director of Operations responsibilities are:

  • Perform an evaluation of the efficiency of business procedures according to organizational objectives and apply improvements regularly
  • Work together with executives and top managers to make decisions for operational activities and set strategic goals 
  • Monitor daily business activities to ensure smooth progress 
  • Oversee procurement processes and coordinate material and resources allocation 
  • Supervise the work of different departments and provide constructive feedback 
  • Perform an evaluation of the overall performance of the company by gathering, analyzing and interpreting data and metrics 
  • Organize customer support processes, enhancing customer satisfaction 
  • Explore financial information and optimize operational budgets 
  • Review and update policies and promote their implementation 
  • Organize relationships and agreements with external partners and vendors

Director of Operations requirements are:

  • Bachelors Degree and 5+ years' experience working in an operations or related position 
  • Solid experience with diverse business functions and principles (consulting, management, finance, customer service etc.) 
  • Good practical knowledge of data analysis and performance/operation metrics 
  • Experience with MS Office and various business software including ERP and CRM solutions 
  • Strong organizational and leadership abilities

If interested, please email us at 

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