Share Your Scholly Story!

Share Your Scholly Story!

Scholly has helped students all over the country win over $70,000,000 in scholarships.


At its core, Scholly is a platform for students, and what better way to show what we're about than by featuring their stories? We want to hear about how Scholly has impacted your scholarship search and overall educational journey. Whether you are in high school, college, or a recent graduate, your story deserves its spotlight.

We've awarded thousands of individuals scholarships so far, and the list keeps growing! Scholly is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Sharing your #SchollyStory takes courage; if you're not sure where to start, see below for testimonials from four of our previous scholarships recipients to give you the extra motivation you need! You can also view some of our most notable recipients here

Submit your #SchollyStory by March 30, 2018 and five lucky winners will be chosen to win a $100 gift card! 



"There are thousands of dollars of scholarships out there with your name on it, but the hard part is finding those scholarships. Scholly did exactly that for me, it helped me find the scholarships that wanted to invest in a student like me. I would never have thought one download on the App Store would have such an impact on my future. I am grateful for Scholly in helping me realize my potential and showing me that the sky is truly the limit. Without the platform, attending a top-notch university like Princeton on a full-ride would not have an attainable task for me."






"Becoming a Regeneron Science Talent Search Scholar gave my research and scientific ability national recognition, and made all the hours of work I've poured into my research totally worth it. Including such a prestigious honor on all future applications and resumes will no doubt be a huge help in the future. I anticipate that this award will open new doors for me in terms of internships at labs and other competitions I decide to take my research to as well. The application for this was a pain, but the recognition that comes with this award is invaluable, and it's something I'll carry with me for life. "






"I'm a freshman studying pre-nursing at the University of Utah. I love rock climbing, backpacking, rafting and getting as much excitement out of life as possible and in my free time I'm a jazz singer. I am a big believer of higher education but currently it is so expensive which makes it seemingly impossible to receive a degree. Getting this scholarship, by using Scholly, helped me so much with relieving the financial burden and making me one step closer to becoming a nurse."






"I'm a freshman studying pre-nursing at the University of Utah. I love rock climbing, backpacking, rafting and getting as much excitement out of life as possible and in my free time I'm a jazz singer. I am a big believer of higher education but currently it is so expensive which makes it seemingly impossible to receive a degree. Getting this scholarship, by using Scholly, helped me so much with relieving the financial burden and making me one step closer to becoming a nurse."



Sunny, Hajira, Bobby, and Anais are just four exceptional examples of the students who have achieved their dreams through Scholly, and it is our privilege to share their stories with you; and now, it's your turn.

Why You Need Scholly in Your Life

Why You Need Scholly in Your Life

March has arrived at the blink of an eye, and you know what that means! College application season is right around the corner, and financial planning is in full swing for current and incoming college students. These things can often be overwhelming with classes and exams to worry about, but Scholly eases the process for you, and helps you get ready for your academic journey in the easiest, most affordable way possible. Not only do we offer access to scholarships so you can go to college debt free, we provide a multitude of educational resources to ease your journey to higher education. You can download the app, or create an account here to get started. You'll gain instant access to thousands of scholarships as well as tips & advice on how to navigate this exciting time in your life. 

As a student about to enter college, you might be feeling lost in a sea of scholarships, wondering which you should apply for. Fortunately, Scholly matches you with the opportunities best suited for you based on the information you provide us with. Our database has recurring scholarships, one-time scholarships, and even awards specifically for the different tools you will need to assist in your education (e.g. textbooks), providing something for everyone, and ensuring we stay true to our motto:

Opportunity for All. 

To give you a glimpse of what you'll be able to access in the app (and to get some upcoming scholarship deadlines on your radar!), we put together a list of 10 scholarships that are currently featured on the Scholly app. Submission dates are approaching quickly, so be sure to apply soon. Who knows? You might end up being featured on our Success Stories page and become a part of our #SchollySquad. 

1. Anthony A. Martino Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: 3-12-2018

Award: $10,000

2. Community College STEM Scholarship Program

Deadline: 3-12-2018

Award: $2,000

3. STEM Bridge Scholarship Program

Deadline: 3-12-2018

Award: $1,000

4. AL High School Seniors Scholarship

Deadline: 3-13-2018

Award: $6,000

5. Fontana Transport Inc. Scholarship Program

Deadline: 3-14-2018

Award: $5,000

6. California Eastern Star Foundation Scholarship

Deadline: 3-15-2018

Award: $5,000

7. Byron F. "Corky" Knoll Memorial Scholarship Fund

Deadline: 3-15-2018

Award: $1,900

8. Carrol A. and L. May Weimer Memorial Scholarship Fund

Deadline: 3-15-2018

Award: $1,500

9. Elizabeth Horvath Swimming Scholarship Fund

Deadline: 3-15-2018

Award: $2,000

10. Susan Ekdale Memorial Field Camp Scholarship

Deadline: 3-15-2018

Award: $3,000


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Say Hello to Alexiea Feaster, Our First Scholly Scholarship Recipient

Say Hello to Alexiea Feaster, Our First Scholly Scholarship Recipient

Our first-ever Scholly Summit, held in Chicago, Illinois on February 10, 2018, ended with a BANG. We had to opportunity to meet hundreds of Chicago Public School students, listen to words of wisdom from Chance The Rapper, Jesse Williams, and our very own Christopher Gray, and best of all, award one CPS Senior a scholarship!

Meet Alexiea Feaster, winner of our $10,000 Scholly Summit Scholarship. Alexiea dreams to become a doctor and we are so proud to be able to contribute to her educational success!

As part of her journey, Alexiea is this week’s Scholly Guest Blogger, sharing a bit about her background and her educational goals to inspire more students like her to chase their dreams, pursue higher education, and become a part of the Scholly Family.

Hi everyone!

My name is Alexiea Feaster I am so honored to have received this scholarship! Currently, I am a senior at William J. Bogan High School in Chicago, Illinois with dreams of attending Xavier University of Louisiana in pursuit of becoming a Doctor...for free; and Scholly has brought me one step closer to this goal. I hope to one day save lives for those who are hurting and helpless, and Xavier’s pre-med program will best help me in achieving this dream.

The Scholly app has been a tremendous help in matching me to scholarships that are the best fit for me and my goals, and the best part is that it saves time and eliminates the confusion students often feel while using online scholarship searches. On top of using the app, I had the opportunity to attend the Scholly Summit and it was an incredibly eye-opening experience that I feel fortunate to have attended. Of all the speakers we listened to, Derrius Quarles resonated with me the most. He is from Chicago, and is known as the “Million-Dollar Scholar.” He said something that I will never forget: “What you need to know now is that it’s bigger than you.”, meaning that life will bring us trauma, failure, and obstacles, but all of that is part of a much bigger picture of our success. We cannot get caught up in these micro-moments and let negativity bring us down. Most importantly, we need to accept help earlier on in order to make the journey to success an easier one and pass that knowledge on to others. When he said this, I felt inspired, motivated, and understood my purpose.

I know that to achieve greatness I will have to think about the lives of others because how can an economy flourish if no one can pass knowledge on to the next person? Thank you, Scholly for granting me this scholarship and opportunity. You have opened the doors to success for me and I hope I can continue to make you proud!

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Happy "App of the Day" Day!

Happy "App of the Day" Day!

February 26th marked something special for Scholly. It wasn't our birthday, but it felt just as eventful.  We celebrated the "App of the Day!" It's like winning an Oscar for apps. Apple joins our mission to provide opportunity for all by recognizing Scholly among the millions of other apps in the App Store.  This recognition furthers our work to help students just like you achieve their potential. We pride ourselves in providing the tools students need to get access to and funding for college.

Our CEO and founder Christopher Gray shared these words,

I  am honored that Scholly is being featured as the “App of the Day”. This recognition from Apple is a testament to all of the hard work my team has and is doing to help students find funding for college.

February has been a notable month, first with the Scholly Scholarship Summit in Chicago and now with Apple’s highlight. 

Students are graduating from college with alarming amounts of student loan debt. Scholly actively changes the tide of that trend and puts more money in the hands of students that need it the most. USA Today stated that Americans owe over $1.48 trillion in student loan debt, surpassing credit card debit by $620 billion. Less than two years ago, the average graduate from the Class of 2016 graduated with upwards of $38,000 in student loans. We are reversing this graduation to debt ratio by reaching students where they are in a compelling way. Our partners and brand ambassadors are committed to finding solutions to educational disparities that stem from socioeconomic restrictions. Scholly is creating a future where students can walk across the stage to receive their degree without the weight of loans. 

What's next for Scholly? 2018 is proving to be a great year, and there are more great things in store. New product features are slated to roll out this year, so the excitement is far from over.   

Celebrate our "App of the Day" feature by sharing Scholly with a friend or fellow student. For more information watch our screen share tutorial. 

New Year, More Money.

New Year, More Money.

Happy New Year from Scholly! It’s 2018 which means new goals, new scholarships, and new free money. It’s our mission to help as many students as possible reach their potential - and that means having access to education. Our goal for this year to help even more students win scholarships. So keep reading for our tips on how to maximize those applications and get yourself some free money in 2018.

First thing’s first - check stuff out.

Log onto to Scholly ASAP and check out some new matches. We consistently update our database so that users have a range of scholarships to choose from. Save scholarships to which you would like to apply. Try to save a combination of scholarships for which you have high Scholly Scores and those offering large sums of money to prioritize your applications. 

Now plan your attack. 

Take note of due dates for your saved scholarships and make an application timetable for yourself. Be sure to set realistic goals by giving yourself enough time for each application. Some spring scholarship applications are due sooner than others, but a bulk of them tend to be due in March. So be sure to start early so that you’re not scrambling to finish by the time spring break roles around.

When in doubt, ask!

We understand that scholarship essays can be tricky. Some topics are very broad while others a rather specific, and deciphering what and what not to include can be daunting. Many scholarship programs have a ‘Past Winners’ section where you can see profiles and sometimes essays of previous winners. These sections can help you get an idea of the kind of applications the scholarship program is looking for. Scholly also has an in-app ’Resources’ section with examples of scholarship essays for some extra help.


Ask teachers, friends, parents or anyone else in your life whose eyes you think would benefit your essays. Typos and other grammatical errors are the quickest way to sabotage your applications so be sure to get rid of them. Also, you would be surprised at how people close to you pick up on qualities you may even miss about yourself; they can also help you articulate those qualities that will prove helpful to your essays. 

Lastly, just be yourself.

Authenticity is your greatest asset. These scholarship programs are looking to get a feel for your voice, so make sure it feels and sounds like you and not someone you think they would like. They want to know about you and what you do. Even if they give you a specific question to answer, they will want to know how that relates to you, your interests, and your extracurricular activities. 

So Happy New Year, happy applying, and all the best for the year to come. 

How to keep your scholarship money!

How to keep your scholarship money!

Congratulations to all Scholly winners, and any scholarship winners in general! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of your hard work paying off and having some of that financial strain eased. However, as a scholarship winner there are some things you REALLY need to know. 

Money from scholarships, grants, and fellowships can count as income, which means these funds can be taxable. And if they are taxable, you need to tell Uncle Sam. Keep reading for a 101 on taxes and scholarships. 

A scholarship/grant/fellowship is tax free if:

  • You are a full-time or part-time student working towards a degree at a primary, secondary, or accredited post-secondary institution 
  • The award goes toward tuition and fees to enroll or attend an educational institution
  • The award goes toward fees, books, supplies, and equipment required for your courses 
  • Your award will be tax free only if you use it to cover expenses just summarized 

A scholarship is taxed if it is used to cover:

  • room and board 
  • travel
  • research
  • clerical help
  • fees, books, supplies, and equipment that are not required for the course or attendance

If your scholarship/grant/fellowship goes towards both tuition and room and board, the amount that covers tuition is tax-free and the amount that covers room and board is taxable. Making this adjustment will require you to adjust other parts of your tax return as well.

Say you are filing a deduction for educational expenses, you must subtract the tax-free amount of award money from your deduction. Generally speaking, items required for your course, or course attendance, are not taxable. 

When in Doubt, Ask!

And ask asap. If you don’t know if your award is taxable, ask the scholarship program sponsoring the award. They will likely have information from the IRS about the tax status of your award money.

You can also be your own detective by going over the IRS’s benefits for education:

Congrats to the winners and happy applying to our scholarship seekers, and if you haven't won yet remember to use Scholly to go make it happen!