4 Reasons to Apply for Scholarships During the Spring

4 Reasons to Apply for Scholarships During the Spring

Spring is here and while you are enjoying Spring Break, or preparing for Spring semester, it’s important to start looking into all the scholarships that are opening up to either help you pay for the rest of school year, your summer term, or next year. Here are a few reasons why you should be applying for scholarships during the Spring.

  1. New Scholarship Season: When March hits, a new wave of scholarships open up for students to apply for. Since students are only a few months away from having to make their college decision, it’s important to apply for as many of these awards as possible in order to be able pay the tuition bill when it comes.
  2. FASFA: By March, you should have submitted your FASFA (if you need to) in order to see what financial aid and grants you are eligible for. This only helps add to the funds you need and even if you don’t think you qualify, it’s super easy to apply and you never know what you could get.
  3. Recycle Essays: At this point, you have likely applied for a good number of scholarships so far. So a good tip would be to start seeing if any of the Spring scholarships you qualify for have similar essay prompts as scholarships you have applied for in the past. This allows you to reuse your essays and apply for several scholarships at once, saving you a ton of time during the process.
  4. Timing: A lot of scholarships that open in the Spring are awarded during the summer so while you are waiting to pick what school you are going to attend, it’s best to line up and time when things will be awarded so you can hedge your bets.

Spring is a time of great weather and lots of fun, but also full of scholarship opportunities waiting to be applied for. Go get ‘em!

Announcing our $10,000 scholarship!

Announcing our $10,000 scholarship!

Announcing our $10,000 scholarship!

We're excited to announce that for the first time, Scholly is offering our own scholarship! We call it the JUMPSTART scholarship because, sometimes, all great minds need is a bit of a spark to accomplish great things. Scholly's vision is to help all students reach their potential, and partnering with CommonBond allows us to put our money here our mouth is. This $10,000 scholarship is for students throughout the United States and only takes like a minute to apply.  

Good luck! And we'll announce the winner on April 25th.

I Won Over $600,000 in Scholarships Using Scholly

I Won Over $600,000 in Scholarships Using Scholly

To date, Scholly has helped students win over $70 million in scholarships, impacting the lives of families across the world. We have helped students from various economic and ethnic backgrounds, ensuring that all students reach their potential.

However, there are some stories that are so incredible that are compelled to share in order to inspire other students on their journey to pay for college. One of the most compelling stories is that of Sunny Sandhu a student who used Scholly to win over $600,000 in scholarships to attend Princeton University.

He won nearly every major scholarship (and many others) including the Gates Millennium Scholarship, Coca Cola Scholarship, and Jack Cook Kent Scholarship.

How did you Scholly help you in your scholarship search process?

There are thousands of dollars of scholarships out there with your name on it, but the hard part is finding those scholarships. Scholly did exactly that for me, it helped me find the scholarships that wanted to invest in a student like me.

How did you feel Scholly impacted your life?

I would never have thought one download on the App Store would have such an impact on my future. I am grateful for Scholly in helping me realize my potential and showing me that the sky is truly the limit. Without the platform, attending a top-notch university like Princeton on a full-ride would not have an attainable task for me.

How did you feel when you found out you won so many scholarships?

Shocked. Winning these scholarships was not something I took for granted. In fact, with each scholarship I received, the more surprised I was. However, with the tools provided by Scholly, a feat like this should not be surprising, but should rather be everyday occurrence for the millions of students out there.

We are inspired by Sunny’s story and the team at Scholly is working hard every day to make sure we help create many more like him. 

Scholly Scholarships for Immigrants and Refugees

Scholly Scholarships for Immigrants and Refugees

The Scholly team is proud to announce that we've recently added a very special scholarship to our platform, for undocumented students and refugees aka "Dreamers" called the Dreamers Scholarship. The Dreamers US National Scholarship is for undocumented immigrants with significant, unmet financial need. 

As our tagline OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL expresses, we believe in helping all students achieve their potential — and with the American Dream starting to feeling like an illusion for some, it's important that we all do our part to make a difference and have a positive impact for those in need. So we are truly honored to promote this opportunity for the many students that need it!

And as always, remember to check Scholly often to get matched with other amazing scholarship opportunities suited just for you!

The five most popular current scholarships on Scholly!

The five most popular current scholarships on Scholly!

Just a quick peek at the 5 most popular current scholarships on Scholly. Out of all of our users, these are the most applied for scholarships that are currently open

  1. Discover Scholarship Award    

  2. Don't Text and Drive Scholarship

  3. Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship

  4. Wells Fargo CollegeSTEPS Sweepstakes   

  5. College JumpStart Scholarship Program

Make sure you log in to your account or download the Scholly scholarship-matching platform to find the scholarships that you are uniquely eligible for.


OneMain + Scholly present: 4 Important College Costs to Consider

OneMain + Scholly present: 4 Important College Costs to Consider


When searching for one’s ideal college or university, cost is often a significant factor. In some cases, it may impact a student’s choice of which school to attend. To get an idea of the cost of college, check out the following infographic we created with our content partner, OneMain Financial:

   Sources: BigFuture (1), BigFuture (2), Federal Student Aid

Understanding the details of college costs could help students and parents create a financial plan for the road ahead. Here is some more information on four important college costs to consider:

1.  Tuition & Fees

When it comes to college costs, tuition is typically one of the largest expenses. Area of study, the amount of credit hours and type of school can all factor into the final cost of tuition(1). And as the infographic states, the cost difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition can vary significantly.

A student's chosen major can also affect the cost of tuition. Enrolling in the sciences and fine arts will typically cost more than other majors(2). For instance, an engineering student at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign paid nearly $5,000 more in tuition during the 2016-2017 school year than students in other majors(2). Fees can vary per student as well, depending on the school. To better understand what fees could apply, here are some examples:

  • Registration fees
  • Student services fees
  • Student organization fees
  • Endowment fees

Scholarships and grants can offer financial relief for eligible students. In addition to Scholly, our scholarship matching platform, there are several sources for obtaining federal grants. For more information on eligibility and how to apply, reference the websites for Federal Student Aid and the U.S. Department of Education.

2.  Living Expenses

A recent study by The College Board showed that over 50% of a college student’s budget can be spent on housing. There are a variety of factors that influence housing costs and the difference in price can vary significantly. For example, a student attending Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN could save nearly 70% on housing costs by living off-campus(3). However, a student attending Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA would pay 50% more in housing costs if they lived off-campus(3).

Although housing will likely be the largest college living expense, there are others to be aware of and prepare for. Here are some other living expenses to keep in mind:

  • Utilities (electricity, gas, internet)
  • Food
  • Toiletries

3.  Books & Supplies

According to the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, the average college student can expect to pay over $1,200 a year for books and supplies(4). Although this total represents common supplies such as course materials and calculators, it does not include the cost of a laptop and other items. Fortunately, there are ways for students to lessen the impact of these costs. Here are a few suggestions to help lower the cost of books and supplies:

  1. Online search tools - Websites like BookFinder.com allow you to type in different search queries including author and book title to find used books for sale. Once you find the book you need, you can compare prices and choose from several different online marketplaces.
  2. Split the cost with a friend or classmate - If you know someone enrolled in the same class as you, see if they’re interested in splitting the cost of the book. It may be useful to create a schedule of when each person has the book so you can both accomplish your studying goals.
  3. Rent your books - Renting can be a good way to save on book costs. If you go this route, just make sure the version or edition you’re renting is the correct one for the course. Also, keep in mind that you may incur fees if the book is not returned in the same condition in which it was received.
  4. Buy used supplies - Gently used or refurbished items can be bought at discounted rates. If you’re looking to save money on school supplies, try searching for used supplies online or in local thrift stores.

4.  Additional expenses

College life outside of the classroom will cost money as well. Whether creating a financial plan for a semester or an entire college career, it’s important to plan for all costs associated with being a student.

Creating a budget for additional expenses could lessen the impact on your overall finances. For tips on how to get started and stay on track, check out our blogs on building a budget and sticking to a budget. The needs per student may differ but here are some potential additional expenses for college students to be aware of:

  • Clothing & laundry
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment
  • Extracurricular activities


When considering the costs of college, it’s helpful to gather all the facts. Every student may have their own unique situation but understanding how to plan effectively for college costs can be useful today and in the future. Good luck!  

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