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Our adaptive scholarship search engine matches students with a list of personally-tailored scholarships.

Step 1. Create your profile

Help us get to know you better so we can match you with the right scholarships. Take note of our special “Miscellaneous” section that uses unique information about you to deliver the absolute best results.  

Step 2. Check your Scholly Scores

Each scholarship on your customized list will be ranked in relevance by a Scholly Score—the higher the Scholly Score, the stronger the match!

Scholly Scores are determined by analyzing your unique profile parameters, the requirements of a scholarship, and the level of competition for that scholarship.

With Scholly Scores, you can prioritize scholarships and optimize your application process. 

Step 3. Use Scholly Editor

Use Scholly Editor to edit your scholarship essays. When you deliver your best writing, you increase your chances of winning!

Start searching today!

Scholly Search is the boldest, baddest scholarship-matching app out there. It’s simple, accurate, and fast. Made by students, for students, we know firsthand what it’s like to have to search high and low for scholarships. The money is free, the impact is real. With over $100 million in scholarships won so far, here’s to helping you achieve your greatest potential.  

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