Want to know some of the best ways to use Scholly? Here’s a sneak peak at the top 5 features that can help you succeed in no time:

    Constantly update your profile as your needs adjust. This helps us help you get matched with the most accurate scholarships.
    Do you see those numbers next to your scholarships? That’s the time until the applications are due and they’re listed based on how close the deadlines are. Make sure you’re keeping track as you apply.
    Spend some time updating your profile by searching through the Miscellaneous list. Scholly’s database is constantly being updated so you can get matched more effectively.
    You can share Scholly to your social networks, text, and via email so your friends can start getting matched with scholarships for college too!
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    Be sure to open any emails we might send you. There’s special information that’s meant to help you succeed in life and college!

We hope that helps you find some scholarships that match you! While we try to keep Scholly simple and streamlined on the surface, you can see from the above that it’s actually a pretty robust and specialized scholarship-searching tool.