I was first introduced to Oprah when I was in pre-school. She was constantly on my great grandmother’s (may she rest in peace) television. At that point in my life, all I wanted to do was watch cartoons and play video games, so I sat impatiently until the Oprah Winfrey Show went off or until my grandmother fell asleep.

As I grew up and started Scholly, and as I became a social entrepreneur, I really started to understand the value of all the amazing things she has done for people in need, and the example she has set for people of color in terms of success, education, and hard work. Her influence and impact on the world in quite arguably, unparalleled.

So when I found out I made her inaugural Super Soul 100 List, alongside stars like Jesse Williams, Amandla Sterling, Linked In CEO Jeff Weiner, India Arie, and many more I was ecstatic. To be named essentially as one of her “Favorite People” is a dream come true and something I will treasure for years to come (likely for the rest of my life).

In Oprah’s own words, “Scholly has helped students across America win over 30 million dollars in scholarships and counting.” To have our work recognized by the most influential woman on the planet means that our work has only begun, and we have an even higher bar to reach for.

So help us help you and students across the nation find money to pay for college by downloading Scholly and sharing the app with your friends.

Join Scholly and Oprah and all of the others who are backing Scholly, as we work together to change the world!