Scholarship Contest Terms

Win a $10,000 payment on your student loans

The selected contest participant will receive up to a $10,000 payment on the participant’s student debt.


You may participate in the contest if you (and not your parent) are the borrower of a federal student loan.


To participate, you must complete the contest application at  You are not required to sign up for a Scholly account.

Participants who complete the application will receive a contest link that is associated with your email address, which you may share with your friends and others (and which they may also share).  Participants with the highest number of clicks on their unique contest link, prior to December 1, 2017,will receive a supplemental list of questions to be completed.  To be eligible for the loan payment, those participants must complete those questions.


A selection committee comprised of individuals selected by Scholly will select one participant who will receive the loan payment from among those participants who have completed the supplemental questions.

The committee’s selection will be based on an evaluation of the participant’s essay responses, need and other criteria that the committee determines.


The contest period commences on September 22, 2017.  Contest applications are due on or prior to December 1, 2017.  Supplemental question responses are due on or prior to December 31, 2017.

Application submissions and supplemental question responses must be true and complete.  All determinations of participant eligibility, participant application or supplemental question completions, eligible clicks, contest period requirements and other matters related to the contest will be made by Scholly in its sole discretion.Contest terms are subject to change and administration by Scholly.

Payment will be made in the maximum amount of $10,000 (not to exceed the outstanding balance of the selected participant’s federal student loans) directly to the student loan lender via the Gradifi payment platform.


By submitting an application, you consent to and authorize the selection committee to conduct such diligence as it may reasonably determine to verify information provided in or related to your application or supplemental questions.  This may, include, without limitation, a credit and personal history from national credit bureau databases or otherwise.

You also consent to Scholly’s sharing of your information, including, without limitation, your email address and other personal information, with its advertising partners and, subject to applicable laws, the use of such information by Scholly or those partners for marketing or promotional purposes.

You may not use your any application, link other aspect of the contest or Scholly to do anything unlawful or in a manner that violates the letter or spirit of these terms or the contest or that may otherwise create risk or possible legal exposure to Scholly including, without limitation, sending SPAM or engaging in inappropriate or abusive activity.  Scholly may terminate your participation in the contest for any reason.Individuals who are related to or affiliated with Scholly are not eligible to participate.