So you wrote your first, or your second, or your fifteenth scholarship application essay for college and you didn’t win yet! After that intensive scholarship search (or with Scholly not so intensive), you just haven’t won. You might be feeling a little down on yourself or thinking that ‘this is just never going to work’! One thing you can’t do is undervalue the experiences and the practice you’re receiving from filling out those scholarship applications. Each one that you fill out gives you a little more knowledge and a lot more clarity in writing to the prompt and expressing yourself appropriately. Always remember that skills are like muscles, you have to exercise them and work them out in order for them to grow.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and an award winning scholarship application isn’t typically written out of the starting gate. Get other people like your counselors, parents, and other people you respect to review your essay and help you apply to scholarships for college. Don’t take too many opinions but 2-3 people will help you guide your essay in a way that really shines. Here’s the caveat; the more essays and practice that you do doesn’t always equal better. Learning and improvement take repetition and reflection

Make sure you’re constantly assessing what you can do better and incorporate that into your next scholarship essay. This is the art of scholarships for high school students. Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. It’s up to you to stick it out through the tough times, keep writing, and win those scholarships! Don’t let the lack of responses or edits from your mentors sway you from excelling. Every roadblock is meant to be shattered through and every challenge serves as an opportunity for you to grow.

Take the long view and see every essay and writing example as testing your talents and growing your scholarship winning abilities. You are a winner, and with the right writing under your belt, you’ll build the confidence and competence you need to succeed. Here’s to Rome not being built in a day and you writing your own scholarship winning essay!