Editor is your key to better writing.

Not just a spellchecker!

Our AI-powered technology identifies a broad range of grammar and style mistakes. In just seconds, you can improve everything from comma splices to passive voice slip-ups with guaranteed accuracy.

Scholly Editor takes the guesswork out of editing so that you can consistently share your best writing with the world.

Start Editing Now

Your Personal Proofreader

Editor instantly proofreads and improves your writing so that you can deliver your absolute best work.

Step 1. Upload your draft

Run anything you write through Scholly Editor to catch errors and add final touches. Type directly into, copy/paste your text, or upload your document to get started.

Step 2. Review and work through corrections

Once your work has been analyzed by Editor, you’ll see suggestions for how to improve your writing in the left-hand corner organized into two categories: grammar and style.

Grammar suggestions, including spelling and punctuation errors, will be highlighted in yellow. Style edits, including sentence construction and flow, will be in purple.

Accept and apply these corrections as you see fit. The goal is to take your writing to the next level without compromising the authenticity of your voice, tone, and intent.

Step 3. Download the new and improved version

Sweet success! Download your revised document and feel confident knowing that you’re submitting you’re most polished work. Continue editing as many documents as you’d like.