Scholly Editor is the latest product offering from the Scholly portfolio, making writing and editing your work easier than ever. Through AI technology, Scholly Editor allows users to have their writing checked for grammar, spelling, and style.

Scholly, an app created to connect and match students to thousands of scholarships and streamline their journey to pay for college was founded in 2013 and has now grown to be one of the hottest educational apps on the market. While the app and its scholarship service has garnered attention on a global level, we knew we wanted to take our service even further beyond scholarships. Founder Christopher Gray always intended for this app to be a comprehensive platform for students and individuals alike to access educational resources affordably, and thus Scholly Editor was developed.

By logging onto their Scholly account via desktop, students in any grade level can use this software to have their written work reviewed, from college papers and class assignments to personal creative writing. While Scholly isn’t the first to do this, we’re doing it differently and better than the rest. Our platform is clean, easy to use and accurate, using technology designed to provide accuracy and precision. Best of all, it’s affordable. We understand that many students cannot afford tutoring in writing or simply do not have access. Scholly Editor helps more students get writing assistance without a financial burden.

But it doesn’t end at ease of use, we made sure the software looks great too. Through streamlined technology and a reliable step-by-step interface, Scholly Editor looks sleek and sophisticated, eliminating any confusion or clutter. We are committed to helping more students reach and maximize their potential. Scholly Editor, at its core, is a product for everyone, allowing us to live up to our mission: OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL.

Need to see it to believe it?