Meet the Winners: Lil Nas X $30,000 Scholarship

Scholly Exclusive

Lil Nas X knows the student debt struggle all too well. Not long ago, he was in the same place many students find themselves today: in school and struggling to figure out how to pay for his student loans. With so many of his fans confronting the challenge of student debt, Lil Nas X partnered with Scholly to help ease the burden. Scroll below to meet the THREE winners of the Lil Nas X $30,000 Scholarship.

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Meet the Winners

Each winner received $10,000 towards their education courtesy of Lil Nas X and Scholly!

Tania HubbardKennesaw State College$10,000 Scholarship Winner!

DeAndria Madden Spelman College$10,000 Scholarship Winner!

Guadalupe SolorzanoWest Georgia Tech. College $10,000 Scholarship Winner!

Receiving $10,000 from Lil Nas X to better my education doesn’t happen everyday and has changed my life! This is truly a blessing that takes away the burden of finding a way to pay for college and has changed my outlook on my life as well.

This Lil Nas X scholarship will help alleviate the financial burden on my mother in regards to funding my undergraduate schooling. 

 Ever since I was a kid I had a dream, a dream that one day I could be someone great . A dream that I would one day honor my parents' sacrifices for me. And this scholarship has now made them come true! This scholarship is the key to opening a lifetime of opportunities for me.

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