At Scholly, we know it’s become harder than ever to invest in your future. Between student debt, the COVID-19 health crisis, and so many other factors, it’s hard enough to stay afloat let alone invest. We want to help you invest in a more secure future today, so we’re giving away free $500 cash payments. Apply today!

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We want to help you invest in your future so we’re giving away $500 cash assistance checks. Apply in under two minutes! Plus, to help you invest without stress and start building better financial habits, we’re helping all applicants open easy-to-use investment accounts with our friends at Stash. Every single eligible person who applies to this fund by completing this form AND creating a Stash account will receive $5 free to invest, regardless of whether you receive $500. It’s a win-win! After submitting your application, you will prompted to open your Stash account to complete your eligibility. 

Scholly Invest in Your Future Terms & Conditions

Products and services linked on our website may contain affiliate links. If you take specific actions after clicking these affiliate links, Scholly may earn a commission at no cost to you. Should you have any issues submitting your application, contact us here. Eligible individuals may also enter the Invest in Your Future Fund by mail without opening an Investing Account. For more details, please review our terms and conditions. The odds of winning this sweepstakes depend on the total number of eligible Entries received.