After Jesse’s announcement went live last week, I’ve been asked repeatedly how we first connected. Here’s how it happened …

The first time Jesse Williams and I met, we were at a TED Conference in Vancouver hilariously discussing whether the bathroom he was about to enter was the men’s restroom or not. I met him, got a picture with him, and honestly thought that would be the last time I saw him. Then as fate and Oprah (yes Oprah is like fate) would have it, we were both named to Oprah’s Super Soul 100 list and were invited to brunch at OWN to meet Oprah with a small group of others who made the list.

Jesse and I started talking and he went on to tell me that he actually recognized me from Shark Tank and we discussed Scholly, his amazing app Ebroji, and education in America.  It was clear we were like minded and I wanted to find a way he could get involved with Scholly.

Initially, I went to him asking for a simple tweet about the company, but of course Jesse saw Scholly as something bigger, a movement to change lives across America and wanted to be even more involved. Jesse is obviously an amazing activist and a voice for many who are silenced, Scholly was the natural next step.

So I asked him to join Scholly and our movement to help students across the world pay for college. He accepted, and today we are thrilled to announce that Jesse has joined our team! As our Chief Brand Ambassador and a Board Member, Jesse will leverage his platform to introduce Scholly to even more students, helping them access even more funds for college.