Graduation celebrations. Cap and gowns galore. Prom. Good music and great friends. Right now is surely a time for celebration as you take the next steps to advance your education. It’s one small step for you and one giant leap for your life. As you enjoy the fruits of your labor thus far keep in mind that it’s no time to slow down. Now is the time to really set yourself apart to support and fund your education.

We recommend two things as you spend your summer preparing for college. The first is to get involved – volunteer, commit yourself to an internship, mentor other students. Ensure that this summer equips you with additional items that set you apart. Why? Not only will these experiences help cultivate a broader sense of purpose but they’ll also be valuable assets for when you get into college and want to tell your story to Financial Aid in future years to secure additional scholarship funding for school. Many institutions have internal scholarships that require unique experiences and want to support students who will be valuable to the school. Start that process this summer by doing some amazing things.

Second, apply to more external scholarships. Deadlines are still fast approaching but you have time to search for scholarships and submit scholarship applications to win some last second funding. Many scholarships go unapplied for because of the stigma associated with different “peak scholarship seasons.” What’s important to remember is that scholarships and those who issue them are year round – apply often.

With a heartfelt congratulations from the Scholly team, we congratulate you and wish you a wonderful summer! Stay tuned for more exciting tips and tricks for how to win free money for college!