Colleges and Universities across the nation are sponsoring Scholly for their students.

Student success starts with affording college. The Give:Scholly program enables colleges and universities to sponsor free access to Scholly for their current and prospective students. Through Give:Scholly analytics, gain insights on key demographics winning scholarships to inspire prospective students, parents, and alumni. 

  1. Students receive access to the mobile and desktop version of Scholly branded with their school’s logo; 
  2. Scholly provides data analytics on the demographics of students winning scholarships; and 
  3. schools share that impact with key stakeholders like Financial Aid, Admissions, and Alumni Relations. 

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By sponsoring free access to Scholly, you'll literally put your brand into the hands of hard-to-access people who will love you for it. You create the optimal impact by promoting & delivering the codes the way you want, helping to improve communities in the process.


For millennials, authenticity, personal connection and social impact is more critical than ever, Give:Scholly enables you to create measurable social impact. It’s an authentic and memorable way to connect emotionally, empower your community, and change lives.


Give:Scholly is a turn-key, super-effective, and measurable program that connects your brand directly with student and family success. Our goals are aligned, to help all of your customers better afford their education and achieve their potential!

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