How to Get More Scholarship Matches on Scholly

Student life moves fast. You're getting that degree, exploring your interests, joining new organizations, working part-time, volunteering, and crossing things off of your bucket list. But while you're maintaining your busy schedule, you may be leaving money on the table - literally.

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Scholarships are Giving Away Free Money this Season: Here are Our Top Picks

For: High School Seniors

It's not surprising that Coca Cola Scholars Program is popular. With generous award to over 1,400 prospective college students each year, the program looks for qualities in applicants like leadership and service. Involvement in school and surrounding community is a must for this award. They want to see your transcripts, clubs and organizations, honors and awards, volunteer organizations, and any employment history.

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6 Ways to Keep Your Money Up Post-Grad

This past two months have been huge milestones for college students around the country. In the words of Elle Woods, congratulations class of 2018, we did it! It’s time to trade in the cap and gown for a suit and tie and make sure your post-grad life is off to a great start. Here are 6 tips to keep your money right after graduation.

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Scholarships in Celebration of PRIDE

Happy Pride from the Scholly team!

We extend our support to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) community in celebration of Pride this month. At Scholly we are all about #OpportunityforAll, and we want to shed light on current LGBTQ scholarship opportunities. Here are our top picks:

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Celebrating Your Future: College Signing Day

Last Wednesday May 3rd was a big day for many students and schools around the country as over 2000 communities hosted College Signing Day events celebrating their graduating seniors. Launched with just a handful of ceremonies five years ago by Barack and Michelle Obama through Better Make Room and Reach Higher, College Signing Day has since exploded, attracting major star power from the entertainment industry, sports, government, philanthropy, and more.

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Upcoming Scholarship Deadlines

The end of the school year is approaching, and that means it's time to start getting ready for college and the next year ahead. Whether you're about to head off to college or gear up for the summer before the start of a new semester, it's never too early to square away your financial plans. Scholly is here to help. We're here to assist in making your academic journey as easy and affordable as possible. Not only do we offer access to thousands of scholarships so you can go to college debt-free, we provide a multitude of educational resources to guide you in your academic trajectory snd success stories from other students to help motivate you.

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