David V. Hunt



David is the Impact Executive here at Scholly. His primary responsibility is to help organizations create positive impact for large groups of students by enabling them to deliver access to our app. In other words, his job is to create a positive impact for companies, their customers, and our world!  In his past life, David led marketing, crowdfunding, and investor strategy for a solar charging startup, and cut his business chops at Johnson & Johnson and the Haverford Trust Company (where he learned to rock a bowtie like no other.)

David is a beacon of positive vibes, delivered through a broad smile, a firm handshake and deep caring about making a difference for people and how they achieve their potential. While he attributes this dynamic optimism to being a survivor of aplastic anemia, meeting him you'll realize that the sickness never stood a chance.

In addition to being our Impact Executive, David uses the words hakuna-matata in legitimate conversations.