Bryson Alef



Bryson is the Co-Founder at Scholly. He got started in entrepreneurship early in life, age 14, when he founded his first company — Revoc Lasers — specializing in the design and sale of a variety of laser devices. Bryson started coding at age 15 and shortly thereafter started his second company, Revoc Technologies, which produced a number of successful games, including Rhythmatic, a sound-analyzing music game that ended up as one of the top 5 apps in several countries, the number 1 music game in the United States, and the number 1 iOS game in Japan.

In 2014, after studying psychology and computer science at Amherst College, Bryson spent a brief stint as a project manager and developer at Epic, designing and implementing hospital electronic medical record systems. He led the successful development and release of both client and server-side code for the first mobile version of the Epic Bridges application. He left shortly thereafter to pursue his work on Scholly full-time. Bryson really likes making stuff, and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

In addition to being our co-founder, Bryson enjoys jumping out of perfectly good airplanes.