It’s August! That means Back to School season is in full swing. At Scholly we care deeply a about student finances (understatement) so here are some tips as you get ready to dive into those books:

Make a list. This will guide your shopping and make sure you don’t spend unnecessarily. Draw up a budget to go with your list.

Shop for your essentials online. It’s easier to compare prices online and stick to your shopping list with online searches. You’ll save time and money and probably some energy. For school supplies, go through what you already have and make a list of only things you need. School supplies can get expensive, so this is a great way to save money and be environmentally friendly.

Buy in bulk. Online shopping centers like eBay and Amazon have great bulk purchase deals on house and dorm room supplies that you’ll need throughout the semester. (Think toilet paper and cleaning supplies – things that can add up when bought in small quantities).

Get yourself a working laptop. Working, not the newest version. And remember to ask for student discounts! Many major computer and software brands will have student discounts especially during back to school season.

Stretch your wardrobe money with thrifting – hipster is in, remember?

Rent before you buy. Don’t break your banking buying the newest edition of your textbooks. Amazon Student has online rentals and you should even ask around at school before renting. You might get a textbook for much cheaper than its sale price, or even borrow from a friend for free!

Consider second-hand furniture stores for interior design. You can get great antique pieces for reasonable prices to fill your living space and have it look classy at the same time.

Finally, plan ahead. It will allow you to get organized for shopping, saying those last-minute goodbyes, and those scholarship applications with Scholly.