We’re Hiring!

Scholly is looking for a Project Manager to join our team! The ideal candidate for this position will be in charge of managing the full project cycles from concept, scope design,…

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Meet the grown-ish Winners

Scholly is proud to have partnered with Freeform to help student loan borrowers pay off $125,000 in student loan debt! After receiving over 160,000 applications, 3 winners were…

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Scholarships for Black History Month: Our Top Picks

Happy Black History Month! February is a time for celebrating the history and achievements of African-Americans. Since it’s also financial aid awareness month, we thought we’d do…

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How to Avoid Student Debt in 2019

Happy New Year from Scholly! It’s 2019 which means new goals, new scholarships, and new opportunities. With college application season all but over, scholarship season is in full…

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Scholarship Scams And How to Avoid Them

With over 300,000 people in America googling 'scholarships' every year, the demand for scholarships is high - and so is the risk of falling victim to a scholarship scam. With…

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FAFSA: Your First Step to Financial Aid

If you're looking for money for college, then you need to start with FAFSA.

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Schools With The Best Financial Aid Packages That Aren’t Stanford

With college tuition increasing every year, the demand for scholarships, financial aid, and student loans is higher than ever. However, what so many students don’t know is that…

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Writing College Essays: Five Myths You Need to Know

The college application process is stressful. From deciding on your dream school, prepping for the SAT or ACT, to finishing all those applications, the task can feel near…

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How to Apply to Scholarships

We know applying to scholarships can be daunting. There are so many to choose from and knowing how and when to start can be tricky. Strong applications require work, but the win…

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