In addition to the support we at Scholly offer to help students and parents find scholarships, we also like to impart some broader knowledge and guidance about how to impact student success. We thought this article from did a great job of summarizing five solid things parents can focus on to help make the college transition more comfortable, and successful, for everyone. In short, the essay breaks it down into five main categories:

A conversation about tips for managing finances

Making sure students have some tech support

Imparting some basic life skills

Heart to heart discussions about things like smart choices

Setting a time to focus on and find some financial aid

Finding scholarships (and college affordability in general) always plays a vital role in the college experience, but there’s so much more to the picture to make the transition easier, and more successful.

“One minute they’re young and fragile and you’re rocking them to sleep, and the next they are ready and raring to flee the nest with as much excitement and vigor as they once had for Chuck-E-Cheese and unicorns. Life is fleeting, and nothing is more evident of this than when your child goes away to college.”