As a company whose Vision is to help all students achieve their potential, we know all too well the financial sacrifices students make to get a good education. We developed our Scholarship matching platform to help students find Scholarships instead of taking out a ton of student loans… giving them the freedom to pursue their dreams once they graduate.  The fact is, the student loan crisis is out of control. Here are 5 quick facts that help illustrate how dangerous they truly are:

  1. 15% of undergraduate and graduate students have over $100,000 in debt.
  2. Americans owe more in student loan debt than credit card debt.
  3. More than 40 million Americans have student loan debt.
  4. There were $8 billion of defaulted private student loans as of 2012. 
  5. Private student loans can’t be shed through bankruptcy, and they can be passed on to your family after your death.

There are millions of dollars of Scholarships awards that go unclaimed every year that are winnable if you can find them! You can read about how Scholly’s Founder and CEO, Christopher Gray, won over $1.3 Million in Scholarships right here.