Spring is here and while you are enjoying Spring Break, or preparing for Spring semester, it’s important to start looking into all the scholarships that are opening up to either help you pay for the rest of school year, your summer term, or next year. Here are a few reasons why you should be applying for scholarships during the Spring.

  1. New Scholarship Season: When March hits, a new wave of scholarships open up for students to apply for. Since students are only a few months away from having to make their college decision, it’s important to apply for as many of these awards as possible in order to be able pay the tuition bill when it comes.
  2. FASFA: By March, you should have submitted your FASFA (if you need to) in order to see what financial aid and grants you are eligible for. This only helps add to the funds you need and even if you don’t think you qualify, it’s super easy to apply and you never know what you could get.
  3. Recycle Essays: At this point, you have likely applied for a good number of scholarships so far. So a good tip would be to start seeing if any of the Spring scholarships you qualify for have similar essay prompts as scholarships you have applied for in the past. This allows you to reuse your essays and apply for several scholarships at once, saving you a ton of time during the process.
  4. Timing: A lot of scholarships that open in the Spring are awarded during the summer so while you are waiting to pick what school you are going to attend, it’s best to line up and time when things will be awarded so you can hedge your bets.

Spring is a time of great weather and lots of fun, but also full of scholarship opportunities waiting to be applied for. Go get ‘em!