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The is information about searching for scholarships, the best way to find scholarships, where to find money for college and creating opportunity for all students and student's parents, including high school seniors, current undergraduates and grad students. 

OneMain + Scholly: Announcing the College Affordability Series!

OneMain + Scholly: Announcing the College Affordability Series!

It is with great excitement that we announce our content partnership with OneMain. Together, we aim to inform and educate both of our communities about critical topics around college affordability, and suggest simple, effective ways to manage the financial commitment of college.

Scholly is all about matching students with scholarships to help them afford the college of their dreams, but we are aware that scholarships are only one part of a financial story. Since 1912 OneMain has provided personalized loan solutions to meet the needs of their customers. We believe that by partnering with great organizations like OneMain, we can provide college affordability information and financial education to a broader audience.

In this series, you can look forward to learning about college affordability/financial education topics such as: 

  • College costs
  • Financial benefits of a scholarship
  • Where scholarship money comes from
  • How to find and win scholarships
  • Stories and advice from scholarship winners
  • Tools that may help you reach your financial goals
  • Money saving tips
  • and more! 

Scholly is teaming up with OneMain to give students info on financial resources necessary to attend their dream school and beyond. We’re happy to be working together to make students, not money, first. We have always believed in the power of education, and getting informed about this crucial step in life is critical.
— Christopher Gray, Scholly's Founder & CEO
Attending college is an important step towards financial security, and it’s a step many of our customers are unable to take due to a lack of resources or understanding of just what support may be available to help them. OneMain is committed to helping our customers build their credit and increase their financial awareness and this partnership with Scholly is a natural extension of our goal to make our customers’ lives better.
— Sheldon Caplis, OneMain's Director of Community Engagement

So stay tuned for more in the College Affordability Series. We hope you’ll find it valuable and urge you to share it with your peers!

Courtney Howard, Scholarship Winner.

Courtney Howard, Scholarship Winner.

Scholly helps real students win real money for real college ... for real! Recently, Jesse Williams posted about Courtney Howard, who won 40 THOUSAND DOLLARS using Scholly.  Her commitment to achieving her goals inspires us, and we are truly proud to be part of her success. Finding scholarships can not only help you afford college, but can give you that extra motivation and boost you need to make it happen. Check out Jesse's post and Courtney's story below and share it to help inspire others to achieve their dreams!



Scholly’s vision as a company is to help all students achieve their potential. A huge part of this mission is to get our scholarship-matching app into as many hands as possible! But, in addition to connecting with individuals well... individually, we have also launched something called the Give:Scholly program (drum roll please). Through Give:Sholly, organizations can sponsor Scholly for free (or at a discount) for students and families in their communities, their customers, and even their employees.

Attending college is an important step towards financial security, and it’s a step many of our customers are unable to take due to a lack of resources or understanding of just what support may be available to help them.
— Sheldon Caplis, Director of Community Engagement for OneMain Financial

One of our most recent partnerships is with OneMain Financial, who just sponsored 50,000 downloads of Scholly to its customers and community college partners. That’s a lot of impact. To read more about this partnership check out OneMain's press release about it.  Other partners we've worked with are The State of Montana, Under Armour, Ernst & Young, and New York University, just to name a few.

Give:Scholly has been proven as a great program that makes it easy for companies and organizations of all types to help their communities access more affordable education. This is just an example of how we’re achieving our mission to help all students achieve their potential, but we thought you'd like to know how we’re working tirelessly, every day, to help create opportunity for all.

To learn more about Give:Scholly check out our webpage here, or contact David Hunt, Scholly's Impact Executive.

How Jesse Williams and I met

How Jesse Williams and I met

After Jesse's announcement went live last week, I've been asked repeatedly how we first connected. Here's how it happened ...

The first time Jesse Williams and I met, we were at a TED Conference in Vancouver hilariously discussing whether the bathroom he was about to enter was the men’s restroom or not. I met him, got a picture with him, and honestly thought that would be the last time I saw him. Then as fate and Oprah (yes Oprah is like fate) would have it, we were both named to Oprah’s Super Soul 100 list and were invited to brunch at OWN to meet Oprah with a small group of others who made the list.

Jesse and I started talking and he went on to tell me that he actually recognized me from Shark Tank and we discussed Scholly, his amazing app Ebroji, and education in America.  It was clear we were like minded and I wanted to find a way he could get involved with Scholly.

Initially, I went to him asking for a simple tweet about the company, but of course Jesse saw Scholly as something bigger, a movement to change lives across America and wanted to be even more involved. Jesse is obviously an amazing activist and a voice for many who are silenced, Scholly was the natural next step.

So I asked him to join Scholly and our movement to help students across the world pay for college. He accepted, and today we are thrilled to announce that Jesse has joined our team! As our Chief Brand Ambassador and a Board Member, Jesse will leverage his platform to introduce Scholly to even more students, helping them access even more funds for college.

Watch & share his Facebook announcement here.


5 Steps Parents Can Take Before The Transition to College

5 Steps Parents Can Take Before The Transition to College

In addition to the support we at Scholly offer to help students and parents find scholarships, we also like to impart some broader knowledge and guidance about how to impact student success. We thought this article from did a great job of summarizing five solid things parents can focus on to help make the college transition more comfortable, and successful, for everyone. In short, the essay breaks it down into five main categories: 

One minute they’re young and fragile and you’re rocking them to sleep, and the next they are ready and raring to flee the nest with as much excitement and vigor as they once had for Chuck-E-Cheese and unicorns. Life is fleeting, and nothing is more evident of this than when your child goes away to college.

A conversation about tips for managing finances

Making sure students have some tech support

Imparting some basic life skills

Heart to heart discussions about things like smart choices

Setting a time to focus on and find some financial aid

Finding scholarships (and college affordability in general) always plays a vital role in the college experience, but there's so much more to the picture to make the transition easier, and more successful.

Apply now, ask questions later.

Apply now, ask questions later.

Here are three words that will definitely help you win scholarships: Apply. Apply. Apply. 

Even if you think you won’t win the scholarship award, guess what? You should still apply. If you’re concerned about too many other people applying, guess what? You should still apply. If you have any worries about you not winning a particular scholarship that you apply for, well.... you should still apply! You never really know what the outcome will be and if you don't apply it's impossible to win.

It is true that everyone is competing for scholarships and it is a competitive place. There are also easy scholarships to win. Wayne Gretzky arguably the best hockey player to ever play the game said “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” Michael Jordan, arguably the best basketball player to ever play the game said “I’ve failed over and over and over again and that is why I succeed.” There you have it, two of the greats who believe in going for it no matter what and not letting a silly thing like the potential of missing or not succeeding immediately stop them from trying.

We all have opportunities that we’re presented with. Whether those opportunities come to be is a different story. However, we at Scholly can say without a doubt that you should always try and put your best foot forward before you convince yourself that it won’t happen. There’s nothing like looking back on an experience and knowing you took the leap to advance yourself forward. Apply for those scholarships for college today! That is one of the best ways to win scholarships.